DoJoe Accessory From BBQs 2U Transforms Kamado Joe Into The Best Pizza Oven

BBQs 2U allows its grill enthusiast customers to transform their Kamado Joe grill into the best pizza oven and make authentic-styled pizza with its DoJoe – Kamado Joe Classic. Since it comes from BBQs 2U, one of the leading independent retailers of Kamado Joe, Napoleon barbecue, and Ooni Pizza oven, BBQs 2U, customers can vouch for the quality. BBQs 2U has been selling barbecues since 2002 due to which they have been extremely passionate about all the barbecues with good grilling knowledge that they share with their customers.

Apart from selling a huge range of Kamado Joe and Napoleon barbecues, BBQs 2U has also been offering fantastic accessories for the barbecues. DoJoe by BBQs 2U is one such accessory that is ideal for both beginners and chefs. The distinctive wedge shape allows the user to maintain a steady temperature ranging from 400 Fahrenheit to 700 Fahrenheit.

It can be used for hours while allowing the user to see their pizza or other baked dishes during the cooking process. There is no hassle of either opening or closing the grill dome. It is made of premium cast aluminium that can maintain the internal grill temperature for hours. The dedicated supports for the Kamado Joe Pizza Stone and the Kamado Joe Heat Deflectors ensure a good distance in between that ensures the best crust and crisp toppings.

For customers looking for much more like baking, roasting, and grilling, BBQs 2U offers MasterBuilt 560 BBQ, a prominent charcoal grill under the brand house of Kamado Joe. It offers pellet grills as modern connectivity for a more familiar source of fuel. The reversible sear and smoke cast with iron gates are best for low and slow smoking or searing on high heat. The Gravity Series of MasterBuilt 560 Charcoal Smoker and Grill allows the customers to smoke, grill, bake, sear, roast, and much more.

The Gravity Series makes charcoal barbecuing much simpler and more convenient similar to a gas BBQ. It can be controlled as a gas BBQ. Users can easily set the temperature using the digital panel or their smart device through an app and the DigitalFan automatically maintains the required temperature for cooking. The GravityFed charcoal hopper has the capacity of holding 12 hours of charcoal. The Gravity ensures that there is an adequate amount of fuel to the fire.

The Masterbuilt app keeps the user updated on both grill and food temperatures. Users can adjust the temperature from their phone and also can set timers as well as alerts that they need. The app also allows users to turn off the grill remotely.

MasterBuilt Gravity Series is as clean and efficient as a gas barbecue but maintains all the flavour, fun, and style that only a charcoal barbecue can bring to an outdoor cooking experience.

To top it all, BBQs 2U offers gifts worth a huge amount. Customers just need to add BBQ items to their cart and the gifts will be added automatically. Visit the Facebook page by clicking on for the latest photos, videos and updates, and awesome deals on the various range of barbecues and accessories.