What Qualities to Look For In A Vedic Astrologer?

In life, everyone goes through several hurdles and experiences dilemmas. While things don’t go as expected, there comes the need for the best online astrology expert.

If they successfully find the right expert, they get suitable assistance in terms of foretelling and guidance. An online astrology expert or astrologer will carry out numerous astrological tasks that, at last, assist you in foretelling the future effectively. Below we have talked about some best qualities of a good astrologer that you shouldn’t overlook.

Good Communication Skills

A good astrologer should be good at communication. You would really feel disappointed if you meet an astrologer after carrying out a thorough background check, and you aren’t able to understand what they say. You’ll feel that you have wasted a lot of time. So, whenever you are looking to hire an astrologer, ensure to check whether they are good communicators or not.

See how they talk to you, listen to you, and understand your words. The concept of astrology is extremely complex, and it can be hard to comprehend. But, an astrology expert must decipher it for you in the simplest language.

If the astrologer is not good at communicating with clients, you must not hire him/her. You can look for this quality on their website. Go through the client feedback prior to hiring them.


An astrology expert has great expertise in astrology and horoscope reading. The one with little or no expertise in the same field will face trouble providing what the client is seeking.

If they are seeking marriage predictions or a solution for their financial issues, then the expert must assist them in the most righteous ways. Only an experienced astrologer can make it happen as they have handled clients in the past looking for the same.

An inexperienced astrology expert might not be able to assist the clients or get solutions for their problems, even if they have great knowledge.

So, you must go through the client reviews to know in detail about their experience while searching for astrology experts online.


At present, a majority of astrology experts are self-proclaimed and call themselves experts by watching online videos. An astrologer must be certified by a reputed institute to be called an expert.

When seeking an astrologer online, you should go through their site and assert on showing their credentials to know their reliability. An expert astrologer will have their certification already displayed on the site. Also, they’ll not waver to mention it.

Search for astrologers who are genuinely certified and then book an appointment with them.

Why Do a Background Check Before an Astrology Chat?

Similar to any other field, astrology also needs proper education and training to make a professional astrologer. There is no doubt that astrology is complex, and it is both an art and science.

On the basis of only your birth date and time, a great amount of info can be derived, and no eminent science can give such info. Briefly, science cannot do what astrology can, and astrology cannot do what science can.

Both science and astrology are obliging if utilized for remedying the troubles in life and for the benefit of humanity.

At last, the most vital thing is to have faith in your intuitions. While having a conversation with anybody, our instinct lets us know whether the person is good for us. While talking to an astrologer, it is important to do a thorough background check. This is very important as it lets you how credible and experienced the astrologer is.

Questions to Ask Astrologer

  1. What’s the ideal time to get a horoscopic reading done?

You must note down this question in your list of questions to ask an astrologer. An expert astrologer can give the best answer to this question. According to them, there can be specific key times for getting a horoscopic reading done. These can be at the age of 18, 36, or between 42-45 and 27-30.

  1. What is astrology according to you?

Do ask the astrology expert what they feel or think about astrology while having a discussion.

  1. What is the significance of the planets in astrology?

Astrology has a lot to do with stars and planets. The planetary bodies that have a great implication in human life are Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.


Finding an astrologer can be a daunting task as there are so many options. To narrow down your search, make a list of astrologers who are well-experienced, renowned, certified, and have positive client feedback. Choose the ones who can explain your terms like houses, Lagna, planetary position, etc. Avoid meeting those who don’t have a certificate or are not much experienced in the field of astrology.