Standard Condo Rules That Apply Everywhere

The condo rental marketplace is extremely competitive, based on what you are searching for. For instance, Condo in Sathorn Area might attract dozens of candidates. And amidst so much pressure, the renters might feel the pressure to accept a condo without inspecting the place. But for populated provinces, condo rental rules might be more relaxed.

But irrespective of where you want to lease the condo, this guideline will help you to get ready for the next application and offer you all that you need to know about condo unit renting.

Common Condo Rental Rules To Know

Most of the condo renters will have to face the below-mentioned rules:

Renters Should Have An Insurance

Tenants would need insurance for their liabilities and personal belongings, despite the landlord having their unit’s insurance. Renters passing on insurance is common either because they refuse to pay for it or don’t consider insuring the condos. But if disasters were to take place, and renters were asked to evacuate the unit, they might have to take care of the temporary accommodations, in case they are not insured.

Renters Might Pay The Fees For Condos

The owners are liable to pay the condo fees, regardless of whether they are staying in the unit or not. They might spike the rent cost so the tenant pays some of the fees. A leasing agreement will brief whether tenants have to pay any condo fees. The owners will keep paying for both the property insurance and property taxes.

Owners Will Handle The Repairs And Upkeep

Owners will handle the maintenance of the Condo in the Sathorn Area (คอน โดย่านสาทรwhich is the term in Thai) and bigger repairs as well, while tenants will look after minor areas like replacement of filters, changing of light bulbs and cleaning the place. Both the parties must be privy about what should handle what.

The Owner Might Visit The Condo Without Prior Intimation

There are various situations where the owner has the right to visit their unit without giving any prior notice to the tenant. Owners can visit the unit if:

  • In cases of emergency
  • The tenant permits the landlord who visits the condo when the owner comes up.
  • The tenancy agreement demands unit cleaning by the landlord.
  • Both the tenancy and landlord decides upon the end of tenancy, or when one party has sent a termination notice to the other.

A lot of renters are unaware of all their obligations and rights, however, they must know they aren’t powerless. An informed renter will have no difficulty in finding the best condo in Sathorn Area.  To get a condo that you can call home, choose Anil Sathorn.