How To Understand If You Need A Hand Tendon Surgery?

Do you consider the pain in your hand as an outcome of some severe tendon issue or something minor? Are you confused about whether or not to go under the knife or not to get relief from the painful symptoms? Or are thinking that you can do without surgical intervention? The answer to all these questions differs from one patient to another. Ignoring your symptoms isn’t advisable by the doctors. Avoiding treatments can make your hand tendon condition grow worse and increase your symptoms.

Instead of overlooking your hand pain, choose to get your pain examined by the KDMS hospital. 

What Are The Causes Of Your Symptoms?

A complete examination by a certified physician is needed for proper diagnosis of your hand tendon pain. Meanwhile, here is a list of all the common reasons behind your hand tendon symptoms.

Trigger Finger Or Tenosynovitis

Officially termed tenosynovitis, the trigger finger is one such condition that results in inflammation of the finger tissues or thumb tissues. The membrane called synovium is responsible for enabling easy hand tendon movement. Patients undergoing trigger finger symptoms face synovium inflammation and as a result, they cannot straighten their affected thumb or fingers. While mild cases can be cured non-surgically, you would need a trigger finger surgery if you face impairment of mobility.


When your affected tendons are irritated or inflamed, it is called tendonitis. Tendonitis most commonly affects the wrist and hand tendons. Tendonitis in the initial stages can harden the wrist’s tendon sheath and restrict your movement. If the condition becomes severe or goes to an advanced stage, doctors at KDMS hospital might prescribe you for surgery. Another reason for them to prescribe you surgery is when you have a lifestyle that needs your wrists and hands to go through repetitive stress.

Tendon Injuries

The tendons of your hand, especially the flexor tendons can be damaged by the following like:

  • Jammed fingers
  • Deep cuts
  • Hand fractures

If the damage is serious, then doctors might advise you to consider reconstructive surgery to help the affected tendon recuperate.


Degenerative diseases like rheumatoid arthritis can result in serious inflammation and damage the hand tendons. You can manage the symptoms with simple therapies and non-operative treatments if the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis begins at an early stage. However, you might need surgery if the condition reaches an advanced stage or becomes serious.

Irrespective of what causes your symptoms, one thing you must ensure is to seek help from qualified orthopaedic surgeons and professionals at KDMS hospital. KDMS strives towards taking care of the entire process; right from the diagnosis to recovery. You can also get effective treatment options for all your orthopaedic problems including the causes that irritate and affect your hand tendons.