Should you Consider Getting Home Insurance in High Fire Risk Areas?

Regarding wildfires, home insurance in high fire risk areas provides coverage for repairs and rebuilding. It may even cover the costs of additional living expenses. Homeowner’s insurance in a fire-prone place should have a high enough limit to cover the expenses associated with wildfires. In addition, homeowners should consider the costs of construction and labor in the area.

People living in high-risk areas need to consider two main types of insurance. First, they need to consider dwelling coverage, which covers the home’s main structure. This includes the walls, floor, roof, windows, and porch. Second, there’s other structure coverage covering buildings on the property. This type of insurance will reimburse the owner for damages caused by wildfires.

When purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy, the coverage you choose will depend on your policy’s limits. Most homeowners’ insurance policies include a standard dwelling limit, which is generally the replacement cost of your home. But if you live in a fire-prone area, consider an endorsement for more comprehensive coverage. 

An extended dwelling limit, for instance, extends your dwelling coverage by at least 25% or 50%. On the other hand, a guaranteed replacement cost endorsement pays the total cost of rebuilding your home regardless of how much it costs.

Insurance carriers often decline to renew a homeowner’s policy in fire-prone areas. If they do, they’ll have to notify the homeowner 75 days before the policy expires. California is one of the states with moratoriums on canceling policies in high fire-risk areas. If this happens to you, shop for new insurance before your current policy expires.

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