How To Prepare For The Triam Udom Entrance Test?

If you are looking for valuable tips to crack the entrance exam in Triam Udom School, you are in the right place. 

We have cumulated some fantastic tips to help you prepare for the entrance test. But first, let us learn about the admission procedure and the criteria of Triam Udom School. 

What Are The Admission Criteria?

The number of applicants is increasing every year; hence the admission procedure and criteria are diverse and strict. The admission rounds are divided into different sections. Let’s look at the requirements of Triam Udom courses.

  • There are 1520 seats in total, which are divided into different sections.
  • The first section has 35 seats for Academic Olympiad Quota. A cumulative average grade point of not less than 3.50 is required to get admission in the science and mathematics course.
  • The second section has 69 seats for students with unique abilities and conditions. Admissions require a cumulative GPA of not less than 3.00 for any course.
  • Provincial quota seats are reserved for 306 students.
  • Lastly, the General Selection Examination has 1,110 seats.

After the examination, the classes will be divided into different sections such as science and mathematics and language arts, including French, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Many institutions are tutoring to prepare triamudom school where you can get detailed information about the courses. 

When Does The Entrance Test Take Place?

Usually, the Triam Udom entrance test takes place during May to August. 

  • How To Prepare For The Triam Udom Entrance Test?

Thousands of students appear for the entrance test, but the seats are limited, making the test a little complicated. So, here we will share some valuable and easy-to-follow tips that will help you prepare. 

  • Solve Previous Papers

Solving the previous year’s questions is the most beneficial technique to grasp the exam pattern better. Though the number of questions has reduced from 50 to 40, the difficulty remains the same. Hence, practising papers from previous years over time can give you a clear idea and confidence. 

  • Talk To Seniors

Do not hesitate to ask the seniors questions and suggestions who have already passed the examination. They will guide you better and encourage you in your journey. 

  • Take A Course

Some institutions provide tutoring to prepare triamudom school (ติว เข้า เตรียม อุดม, which is the term in Thai). You can opt for the course and train with the experts.