How To Get Yourself Placed In The Best UI/UX Company?

UI/UX designing has been a very lucrative career in India and the world. However, demand for digital products has increased due to the COVID-19 crisis, forcing a major part of the global population into their homes. On the Other hand, it has opened the door for several people to enter the field of UI UX design. And its demand will only grow from now onwards. However, it may be challenging for anyone to enter the UI UX designing companies.

The best UI UX Companies in India always search to choose the best talent. Keeping that in mind, any potential candidate must follow certain factors to get hired by the leading companies in the UI UX domain.

Acquiring skills:

Most importantly, you must build a strong enough foundation to make a career in this field. In this fast, digitally-driven World, knowledge is everything. Hence, learning about UX UI is the most crucial step when finding jobs in this domain. Any per-swing candidate must have the necessary knowledge to build foundations and bring expertise in design and development. Many courses are offered by several different entities, which anyone can pursue. Such courses are offered both online and offline.

Building a portfolio:

UX design is a subject where relevant skills are required, more than a certified university degree. And this is where portfolios pop in. A design portfolio goes a long way to assure an employer of the candidates, skills, vision, and abilities. Many online platforms are available, allowing designers to showcase their portfolios.

Building a resume:

The first thing an employee notices about any candidate is their resume. Employers take it seriously and take enough time to scan each word. Hence, having a well-designed CV is of utmost importance. And the CV must include all pertinent information about the candidate, and career, including clients, testimonials, and references. Furthermore, all the high points of the career must be covered and showcased in the best ways possible.

Boosting your social profiles:

Social media platforms are fancy tech and act as a passport or identity card everybody owns. More often, our social media profiles reflect our personalities, dreams, and aspirations. For anyone creative enough, social media platforms are even more reflective of their aesthetic. Most employers notice this and often scan the candidates’ social media profiles. Hence, anyone pursuing a designer can utilize these platforms by designing their profiles accordingly and attractively to get hired by UX design companies.


The demand for digital products has grown exponentially owing to COVID-19 and has forced a wider part of global communication inside their homes. Hence, anyone looking to work as a UX designer can keep these factors in mind to get higher in leading companies in this field. It is a lucrative career that can also allow you to work internationally. Several online and offline entities offer various courses in this field which you can pursue.