Factors to Choose an Efficient Automatic Torque Screwdriver

Factors to Choose an Efficient Automatic Torque Screwdriver

An automatic torque screwdriver is a tool used in various industries to achieve a consistent level of torque when tightening screws. With the increasing need for precision and efficiency, the use of torque screwdrivers has become a must in most industrial settings. There are several factors to consider when selecting an automatic torque screwdriver. In this article, we will explore the essential factors that should guide your decision.


The primary purpose of using an automatic torque screwdriver is to achieve a consistent level of torque. Hence, the accuracy of the torque output is a crucial factor to consider. A torque screwdriver that consistently provides accurate torque readings will ensure that screws are tightened correctly, which reduces the risk of costly errors.

Torque Range

Different torque screwdrivers have different torque ranges. The torque range is the minimum and maximum torque that the screwdriver can produce. The torque range you need will depend on the type of application you need the screwdriver for. For instance, some applications require high torque levels, while others require low torque levels. It is, therefore, essential to select a torque screwdriver with a torque range that suits your application.


The ergonomics of a torque screwdriver play a significant role in how comfortable and efficient the operator will be when using it. The torque screwdriver should have a comfortable grip that provides a firm and secure hold. Additionally, the weight of the screwdriver should be evenly distributed to reduce operator fatigue.

Power Source

Automatic torque screwdrivers can be powered by either electricity or batteries. The power source you choose will depend on the application and the level of portability you require. For instance, if you need to move around the workspace, a cordless torque multiplier is an ideal choice since it is powered by batteries and has no cords that may limit movement.

Data Collection

In some industries, the torque applied to a screw is an essential piece of data that needs to be collected and analyzed. For instance, in the automotive industry, the torque applied to different parts of a car is recorded and analyzed to ensure that the parts are installed correctly. In such cases, a torque screwdriver with data collection capabilities is necessary. A torque screwdriver with data collection capabilities can be connected to a datalogic light curtain or a computer to collect and store torque data for analysis.


The durability of a torque screwdriver is an essential factor to consider, especially if the screwdriver will be used in a harsh environment. A durable torque screwdriver can withstand wear and tear, which reduces the frequency of replacements and maintenance. Additionally, a durable screwdriver ensures that screws are tightened correctly consistently.

Brand Reputation

When purchasing an automatic torque screwdriver, it is crucial to consider the brand reputation of the manufacturer. A reputable manufacturer will provide high-quality products that meet industry standards. Furthermore, a reputable manufacturer will offer customer support, training, and after-sales service to ensure that the torque screwdriver meets your specific needs.


Selecting an automatic torque screwdriver requires careful consideration of several factors. The accuracy of the torque output, torque range, ergonomics, power source, data collection capabilities, durability, and brand reputation are some of the essential factors to consider. By considering these factors, you can select a torque screwdriver that meets your specific needs and ensures that screws are tightened correctly consistently. Plus, these tips can help you purchasing other industrial-grade tools and equipment like air balancers, air motors etc.