Best Ways To Get Rid Of Rats From Drain Pipes

Rats and drain pipes have a long-term connection with each other. Though these rats try to create a habitat and run around the pipes all day, it becomes difficult for the residents. Most often, people wonder how to stop rats climbing drain pipes?

Considering the frequency and timing of the rats entering the drainage pipes, it is very evident that they have multiple entry points. These rat entry points are the primary reason for a rat infestation in your households or office spaces. These areas are to be blocked or secured in the first place. Let us help you understand diverse ways to stop rats climbing drain pipes.

Various Methods For Stopping Rats From Climbing The Drainage Pipes

Rats observed all over the place are sometimes tricky to track. The rat entry points aren’t the same, creating infestation situations for everyone. The common signs and incidences which indicate the presence of rats, such as

  • Rat feces at various locations on the property
  • Paper, packing, cables, or plastic were chewed
  • Small holes are visible on the wall because they are chewed by rats
  • Scratching sound coming from the walls, floors, or ceiling is clearly audible to the people living or working there

There and many ways to prevent rats from entering the drainage pipes, such as valves, barriers, and traps for protection. Due to various rat entry points, they are great climbers and can climb through small and narrow pipes, tight bends, and places filled with water or have a flowing source.

Sealing The Drainage Pipes And Gateways

When you think about how to stop rats climbing drain pipes, the best way is to ensure that all the drainage is to be sealed. It would be best if you took the necessary measures to protect your home or office from rats. Sealing means no rat entry points or openings in the pipeline.

Creating Barriers For The Rats

Installation of rodent barriers within the drainage pipes will help prevent the rats from entering the drainage system.

Several types of devices available in the market are helpful and clearly answer how to stop rats climbing drain pipes.

  • The fins that face downwards in the discharge stack are helpful
  • The subsurface drainage system has one-way moving valves

Increasing the proportion of the discharge stack, explain and help on how to stop rats climbing drain pipes.

Cages For Rats

Cages are available in the market, made from metal, and very useful. They are usually placed in the ventilation pipes over the discharge stack. It helps in blocking the path of the rats.

The Interconnected Traps

These U-bend-shaped traps are utilized in fireclay home pipes. They are also popularly known as the Buchan trap or Bristol interceptor traps. They are filled with water to trap the rats.

Maintaining a clean home or office space is as essential as keeping your home and surroundings clean. The drainage system isn’t visible to us, but cleanliness is similarly necessary for all households.