All You Need to Know About Email Verification


If you are wondering what email verification is and seek to gain knowledge about it, you’ve come to the right place. This article is concerned with what email verification is, why it is needed, what are the advantages of using it, how to use it, and a little more. 

What is email verification? 

Email verification is a software or service or tool that filters out spam traps, and outdated and faulty email addresses to ensure better email marketing and/or better content engagement. It enhances email deliverability by targeting authentic email addresses. 

Why is email verification needed? 

Email verification is needed when you use email as a source of content engagement or marketing for the following reasons: 

1. To filter out spam traps – 

Spam traps are the email addresses that are used to identify spam emails. Sending emails to spam traps can result in your IP address or domain being blacklisted, which means your emails will automatically end up in people’s spam folders.

2. To separate incorrect email addresses – 

Incorrect email addresses refer to the faulty ones with typos. The typos can be of spacing or using of characters that cannot be included in an email address. 

3. To remove outdated email addresses – 

Outdated email addresses are the ones that are not in use anymore, there can be various reasons for an email address to be outdated for example an old corporate email id.

Advantages of Email Verification 

1. Effective marketing – 

It helps in effective marketing by sending out emails to actual potential customers only. 

2. Reduces bounce rate – 

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of viewers who close the site after viewing one page only. 

  1. Increases deliverability and reputation. 

4. Increase in engagement rate – 

When unwanted, outdated, and faulty emails are removed the engagement rate is automatically bound to increase as the ghost target is removed. 

How to Use an Email Verifier  

Using an email verifier is quite simple, it requires three steps in which all the work is done by the software itself. 

All you need to do is upload the email addresses, hit verification and it will automatically export the active email addresses. 

How does it work?

Email verifiers filter out valid email addresses on three bases that include checking MX records, syntax, and domain existence. 

  • MX record check or mail exchanger recorder refers to checking the server which is responsible for a given email and checking if that server is working properly or not. 
  • Syntax check refers to seeking out the wrongly written email addresses, wrongly written addresses are the ones with typos as discussed above. 
  • Domain existence check is checking if the domain address works properly or not. If it doesn’t work then the emails won’t get received as well. 


Email verification can help you significantly if you target an audience through emails. It has many advantages and can also help in saving money by reducing the number of emails that have to be sent. It also helps in maintaining a good reputation and increases engagement rates and lowers bounce rates.