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Turning to the sky to obtain an answer, to discover what awaits us or to justify our character traits is a thousand-year-old practice. Astrology has adapted to technological evolutions and has become a tool for personal development… even more attractive in times of uncertainty


Cartomancers can also be called tarot readers, as they have a science and knowledge regarding the interpretation of the cards with their different arcana and figurines. During their sessions of visioning by means of their deck of cards, the cartomancers help their client to situate their life through three main times that are the past, the present and the future. Thus, cartomancy, in short, is the science of time.


By definition medium means medium, it makes the link between our plane of consciousness and all those around us. It is a channel, a messenger. Mediumship is the faculty of perceiving, feeling and communicating with the worlds invisible to the 5 senses (hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste), including with the entities that inhabit them (often vulgarly called spirits). Mediumship includes abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience or telepathy.


To explain simply, numerology is the study of numbers in your life. Through this, you can discover information about the world and about each individual. But to get the information and knowledge, it uses numbers. Numerology is the idea that the universe is a system.


Dowsing is a technique or art using the human being’s ability to perceive and interpret the radiation of all things. It is also a holistic approach to establish the link between oneself and the environment.


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