A Guide to Choosing the Right Bark Collar for Your Dog

Are you tired of dealing with your dog’s excessive barking? Purchasing dog barking collars in Australia is the perfect solution.

Anti-bark collars are designed to regulate your dog’s barking cycles by administering a form of stimulation, usually in the form of vibrations. Over time, this conditions your dogs to control their barking behaviour.

Not all bark collars are the same. Many factors have to be considered before you get one to ensure efficiency. But how do you know which to buy?

Tip #1: Your Dog’s Size

Like purchasing a regular collar, always choose a bark collar that fits your dog’s size. Besides ensuring the right fit, this ensures that the collar’s stimulation intensity is delivered effectively. Many bark training collars offer a weight and size guide to help you find the perfect fit. Companies like Hidden Fence offer adjustable bark collars for all sizes and breeds.

Tip #2: Your Dog’s Personality

Different bark collars can be programmed for various dog personalities. Remember to program the bark-training collar in a way that matches your pet’s character to avoid overcorrection.

Avoid getting bark collars that administer an electric shock Meanwhile, stubborn dogs may benefit from some professional training

Tip #3: Safety

Product safety is always necessary, especially when making a bark collar selection. Despite their efficiency, bark collars can stress your pet if misused, or the product is not working as intended.

Before deciding on a company, check product reviews such as google reviews and testimonials. Also, check that their product has the following:

  • Safety Mechanism – Decent bark collars have a safety mechanism that administers the stimulation for a set time. This means the collar automatically stops after the time lapses and resumes only when your dog’s barking exceeds the bark limit again
  • Customer Service – Should you encounter a problem with the collar, the company should be devoted to resolving them.
  • Warranty – Reliable bark collar companies have extended warranty periods for repairs and returns.

Keep Your Dog’s Barking Under Control

You do not have to struggle to train your dog to regulate its barking. Equip your dog with the safest and most reliable bark collars made by Hidden Fence – recommended by leading Animal Behaviour Veterinarians.