Yah’s Forest REN MORINO will take you on a thrilling, yet charming adventure!

The illustrations on these products feature sweet, little creatures that are brightly colored and, sometimes, adorned with Japanese kanji characters. These are illustrations for a fantasy book called “Yah’s Forest”, written by Ren Morino. 

We are excited to announce that the creator is producing many adorable products featuring his illustrations, including T-shirts, v-neck T shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, raglan baseball tee, pullover hoodies, tote bags, throw pillows and more! 

Each illustration has a message from the creator, wishing for world peace.

Messages 1-10 were made at the time of the invasion of Ukraine and contain messages of peace. For example, the illustration of Mt. Fuji says “Oh Earth, be at peace…” 

Isn’t it amazing that we can enjoy beautiful art and pray for peace at the same time? We definitely need this moment for our current unstable world. 

Recently, Ren has also created a number of interesting illustrations based on The Scream by Edvard Munch.

People who have problems can see their mental state in his illustrations so that they can reflect themselves through his artwork. Customers can choose the image based on their mental situation.

Message from Ren Morino, the author:

“Please remember when you were little. Develop your senses and creativity. Have fun!”

Ren also suggests that you read his book for children.

He is going to release an English translation, so that more people around the world can enjoy his story!

Check out the Japanese version of the book by visiting the link below:

Amazon here

You can buy his beautiful products from here

Ren Morino Facebook page

You can also enjoy his world by watching this video!