Use Social Media To Sell Your Products Wisely

Nowadays, there is a massive change in customers’ purchase behaviour. They depend more on online platforms to purchase the product they need. Social media platforms are more than just connecting mediums for people. They have become an integral part of the business where you can sell your products online. As a newcomer to social media, you may not know live selling on Facebook impacts your selling. Also, Instagram is trending for the same. 

But how to start selling on Instagram? Instagram is the trending social media platform where you can share photos and videos. But with an Instagram business account, you can start selling your products through this platform. 

Strategic live selling on Facebook helps you to have efficient outcomes. Facebook provides you with a MINE feature that enables you flexible online sales.

This online feature levels up your online selling experience. Live selling on Facebook with MINE is very simple. 

The buying keyword on the post enables you to create a customer’s order summary. Then it makes the bill, and you can send it to the respective customer. It also helps you to keep an overview of your orders and products in your stock. So that you can refill the stock. 

How To Set Up MINE For Your Business?

MINE needs a proper setup before you start selling live on Facebook. Follow the simple steps to set up mine. 

  • Add Product And Details
  • Set Code For Each Product
  • Add The Number To Each One
  • Enable Automated Invoice

Enabling automated invoices for all the products opens a conversation window with your customers. It will smooth your selling experience. 

Instagram As A Selling Platform

Instagram is meant to set the trend within a community. You can start your business account on Instagram and kick-start your business. Here is how to start selling on Instagram?

Before knowing how to start selling on Instagram, you should know what a business account on Instagram is? A business account on Instagram enables you will find additional features like the analysis. You can analyze your sale and decide according to them. 

While opening an Instagram account, ensure to change settings and switch to a business account. 

The following tricks will help you attract more customers:

  • Open Intragram Account
  • Upload Your Business Information
  • Clarify Your Business Idea Or Product Idea
  • Upload HD Quality Images
  • Use Interesting Hashtags To Promote Successfully