Testing different follower buying plans to find what works

When preparing to purchase Instagram followers, you’ll find there are many plan options and variables to consider – number of followers, delivery speed, targeting capabilities, price points, and more. The variety of followers’ purchase plans makes it difficult to know where to begin.

Try entry-level small plans

If new to buying auto likes Instagram, don’t spend big right away. Start by testing some entry-level options to get your feet wet without much financial risk. Many providers offer plans for as low as 100 or 500 followers. Observant the impact of even a small boost before gradually increasing scale. New follower quality and engagement metrics appear in these starter plans. Test plans that drizzle in your new followers gradually over days, weeks, or months rather than all at once. Gradual delivery typically comes across as more natural – almost mimicking organic growth. Keep an eye on your follower trajectory during the drip period. Are you continuing grew or has momentum stalled after the initial delivery? Engaging new followers is easier with gradual plans.  Test plans that target followers from specific countries and regions. Assess whether followers from your key geographical target markets engage at higher rates than generic followers.

Vary number of followers

Test buying different total quantities of followers, from just hundreds to thousands or more. At what purchase volume do you start seeing diminished returns? Too few followers offer limited growth, but excessive buys could trigger throttling by Instagram. Find the sweet spot for your account goals. If available from the provider, experiment with Interest Targeting to get followers aligned to topics related to your brand or niche. Observe if interest-based followers respond better to your content than generic accounts. Boost conversions and engagement with tighter audience targeting. Compare plans with instant full delivery versus gradual drip delivery. Instant delivery offers a rapid vanity metric boost but appears less natural. Gradual delivery takes patience but sustains momentum longer. Test plans at different speeds to find the right balance for both quick wins and ongoing growth. The place to buy instagram followers is famoid.com/buy-instagram-followers/.

Evaluate engagement improvements

A key comparison point across plans is whether new followers engage – liking, commenting on, and sharing your posts. Test whether certain plan types or targeting filters produce followers that engage more. While vanity metrics matter, real engagement is the ultimate goal. Track this closely. Conduct periodic spot checks on new followers’ accounts from different purchase plans – are they active users? Real profiles? This follower vetting reveals which plans deliver quality over quantity. Testing helps avoid getting stuck with a large volume of low-value ghost followers. Track results across the follower buying plan you test – engagement, impressions, conversions, etc. Then compare performance to cost across plans. Calculating ROI for each plan indicates which options deliver the most value. Thinking holistically about results rather than just follower numbers is key.