Never Make These Five Mistakes When Choosing Shelves!

The type of shelves you use and how you place them makes a tremendous difference between a shabby place and a well-designed place. There are so wide varieties available. How can you choose the best one for your store or home?

Let’s look at some common mistakes you should avoid at all costs!

  1. Ignoring Exhibition Furniture: If you want to make your store look good, invest in some sturdy and unique exhibition furniture. The purpose is to store your merchandise in pretty outlets, making it easier for the customers to see.
  2. Improper Installation: there is a reason why the inappropriate building is a big no! We certainly do not want ourselves to be rude or a threat to the customers. Shelves should not feel fragile when keeping things on them. If your store has shelves that need to be installed correctly, it will spread by word of mouth and ruin your reputation.
  3. Cluttered Shelves: if you have suitable frames appropriately installed, but if you fail to maintain and clean them, it isn’t beneficial. Your store needs to look as clean as possible. Nobody likes shopping in chaotic stores. Also, design a layout for your shelves to prevent your store from feeling or appearing cluttered. The same goes for homes; less is more! Have frames wherever required and put a few things on them to keep the vibe “clean” and “pretty.”
  4. Over-Stacking: put only what is necessary on a shelf. If you put too many things on, it will ruin the overall vibe of the place. We certainly want our frames to feel clear. For your customers to focus on your merchandise, make your layout smartly and align the products creatively.
  5. Poor Lighting: correct lighting is crucial. It can enhance the way your products look on a shelf dramatically. Well-lit shelves give a pleasant appearance to the customers; psychologically, they can even increase the sales of your products. For shelves in homes, good lighting works as a decorative element. They add to the glory of the walls.


If you are getting new shelves or changing the existing layout, plan beforehand. It will help you make your frames look the way you want. Choose the materials, colours and design carefully since you can not change them often! Use references or inspiration from the internet, and never overthink your choices! As a retailer, pay attention to small details from your customer’s perspective, and as a homeowner, go with the flow and vibe of your home!