Dell EMC Poweredge R750xs: An Affordable Server 

Day by day, Dell technology is developing with each step. And now it comes up with Dell PowerEdge R750xs. It has every required feature you require, from storage to power. S, without any more delay, let’s see what features this server has. 

Features Of The Poweredge R750xs

The Dell EMC PowerEdge R750 has 2 Intel CPUs. And with the Xeon silver 4314,  processor 24M cache 2.4Ghz. And not only that, it has a turbo HT( 135W) DDR4- 2666 system that makes it even more efficient. 

It has a RAM of 64Gb with 2x 32Gb. Also, it has a great memory space of 1TB; the RDIMM memory is spread across all its DIMM slots. Also, it has a memory speed of up to 3200MHz. The HDD or the data storage device inside the computer has an 8+8+8 drive layout, but space can extend to 16 SFF SAS/SATA gadgets. This server also has 4x 480GB M.2 SSD SATA with reading Intensive 6Gbps 512. Another exciting thing about the hard disk system of the PowerEdge R750xs is that it has a 2.5in Hot-plug AG Drive and 3.5in HYB CARR.

The Raid of it has PERC H755 with a rear load bracket. The NIC is OCP NIC 3.0 server networking, then Broadcom 5720 Quad Port 1GbE with the BASE-T Adapter that supports the device Accordingly. And if you are concerned about the power, it has dual hot-plug 1100w power with mixed mode. 

Then this product has a 2u rack plus 2.5-inch chassis with up to 16 Hot Plug Hard Drives. The height of the chassis gives a huge extension place to work with. The PowerEdge R750 also has 5x 16+ 1x 4 slots. That’s a comfortable space to work with. Another interesting thing about the framework is the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 V3, with LCD Bezel. That makes it more suited to use and designed in Half Length and has Sliding Rails with Cable Management Arm. Ultimately the low profile of this server doesn’t look too complicated or overdone. 

And finally, this product comes with 5yr Pro support and mission-critical warranty, which provides 24×7 onsite service for 4 hrs and a 5yr warranty for the hard drive. 


In the end, if you know about servers, you’ll understand how convenient Dell PowerEdge R750xs is for the users. It has excellent features and fulfils all the essential requirements. Also, the extended gen 3 Xeon processor with incredible memory makes the product more scalable. And not only that all these features are coming at a very affordable price so that you can easily buy it and get the experience of perfection.