5 Lead Generation Tips for Getting Commercial Solar Leads

The Solar Industry is growing exponentially. Being more environment-friendly is only one of the benefits of going solar. You need to be sure that clients who want to go solar will find your business.

It can be intimidating to get leads for your business. Commercial solar lead generation shouldn’t be that way. You can get solar commercial leads through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO improves your presence on the web by growing awareness and traffic.

Here are five lead generation tips for getting commercial solar leads:

Know Your Market

This can be the location, type of solar system, or residential or business needs. Focus on what you’re good at and follow that market. Here are some ideas:

  • Recognize what your company is best at.
  • Look for your ideal customer.
  • Promote your market and audience on your website.
  • Company guidelines should be developed to push your position.
  • Sales funnels should be pitched toward potential clients.

Get reviews

Company reviews on Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram will boost your overall awareness and efficiency in commercial solar lead generation. Google My Business helps companies show up in “near me” searches. If a user searches “solar companies near me,” your business will show up if you are registered in GMB.

Build a User-Friendly Website. Your site should be well-designed, organized, and easy to navigate. There should be a link where they can contact you for any queries. Share high-quality photos and videos of your work. Ask a professional to take pictures and create how-to videos. You can also invite customers to create a video review of your business, then ask for their permission if you can post it on your site.

Have an SEO strategy

A solid SEO strategy can generate hundreds of leads annually. Each practice below will immensely grow your website traffic. You need the following to help your SEO:

  • Properly set up your website URL.
  • Create landing pages based on location and function services.
  • Grow a successful keyword strategy.
  • Consistently release fresh content about the industry.


PPC is simply paid digital ads. Targeted ads will help you obtain sales-qualified leads. You can mark patrons who visited your website and social media pages for you to send your ads at a later time.

Event Marketing

Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, event marketing is still an option for commercial solar lead generation. Solar events are becoming more popular due to client demand. The best strategy is to be face-to-face with your market because you can demonstrate your products and services through conversation. Here are some tips:

  • Promote a booth to build brand presence.
  • Join social media events.
  • Create hashtags, geo-tracking, and location-based ads.
  • Walk around and meet people.

You need a strong digital marketing strategy to be a successful solar company. You can work with many companies to achieve this, but solar lead generation is one of the marketing fortes in which Solar Exclusive specializes and has seen great accomplishments. They are here to help other businesses grow.