A Guide For Men’s Lip Filler That Every Man Should Know

Those days are gone when the lip filler option was only available for women. Nowadays, men are also in the process of improving their appearance with the most effective Lip fillers for men (ปากกระจับ ชาย, which is the term in Thai). So let us know what is driving the trend, why the men should opt for the treatment and how they can care for that.

Benefits of Lip Filler For Men

  • The lip filler generally balances your top and lower lips so that anyone can achieve a youthful aesthetic.
  • The primary purpose of lip filler for men is to define Cupid’s bow and philtrum columns. It helps in removing the flatness that is visible with aging.
  • The process is helpful for people who have naturally thin lips that also get covered with facial hair.
  • Sometimes, after a perfect beard, people may feel that their lips have disappeared, and that should be accented a little.
  • The perioral area can be seen with less volume as the people age. Sometimes, the condition creates hollowing, which should be addressed as well.
  • The age-related dehydration also makes the lips appear thin. In that case, most men need to carry a lip balm all the time. But filling lips with hyaluronic acid provides a softer look that also seems voluminous.

Men’s Lip Filler and Aftercare Tips

After the Lip fillers for men, the patient should adhere to post-treatment care guidelines. The tips for aftercare of men’s lip filler are given below for your help:

  • Not participating in any strenuous activities for at least 24.
  • Giving ice compression onto the treated area to lessen the swelling sensation
  • Smoking and alcohol is forbidden
  • Frequent application of lip balm to keep the lips hydrated.

After the treatment is acceptable, you may have bruising, redness and swelling for a few days, which will subside independently. Generally, the side effects are temporary and frequent ice application can lessen the swelling sensation. Some doctors also prescribe over-the-counter drugs for this swelling sensation.


The lip filler process is generally a safe and effective way to enhance and help facial features and provide a youthful appearance. In that case, you should understand different types of dermal Lip fillers for men and choose a plan that suits you most following proper post-treatment care. Let’s explore the world of men’s lip fillers and take a subtle enhancement that makes a world of difference.