What to wear as a male wedding guest?

Weddings have been an important aspect of the lives of a person. It would not only be a great time for the two souls to be united for life, but for the guests being a part of their big day. However, weddings are more aspects to it than a tradition. Most people tend to take it as an opportunity to dress up in their finest attires and dresses. When it comes to wedding attires, both men and women would be spoilt for a choice of options.

While women have a wide range of clothing options, rest assured that wedding suits for men would cater to them with a wide range of suitable clothing options. The most common attire for men would be – suits. However, suits also come in a wide range of styles, materials, and budgets.

Aspects to consider while dressing up in a suit for a wedding

Therefore, when looking forward to choosing a suitable suit for a wedding, consider looking for these below-mentioned aspects.

The foremost aspect to consider would be not to steal the limelight from the groom and the bride. Rest assured no one like to be second best on their special day. A good idea to master your dress code would be to introduce personal style to become the best guest at a wedding party.

If you were wearing a suit to a wedding, ensure that the suit fits you properly. If you have bought one off the rack, consider it altered to meet your body specifications. Consider donning a clean white shirt. While wearing a suit, consider matching your belt with the shoes. It would also be imperative to match your belt buckle to your watch. The hem of the trousers should finish at the top of the shoe while the jacket’s top or middle button should not fall below the navel.

Consider buttoning the top button of your suit while you stand and unbuttoning the top button of your jacket when you sit. However, keep the bottom button of your jacket unbuttoned at all times. Moreover, the pockets of your trousers should not bulge with items stored in them.

The sleeve of your jacket should not hide the sleeve of your shirt. Consider showing a small part of your sleeve cuff from under your jacket sleeve.

In case, you were looking to remove your jacket at the wedding, it would be respectful of you to wait until the father of the bride has removed his jacket.

These tips would ensure that you appear the best person at the wedding not overdoing or appearing underdressed in your style.