What is NFC Tag, and How Does It Work?

NFC (Near Field Communication), also known as smart cards, are convenient for several things, including access management and automated home tasks. This technology is effective in various scenarios and helps a business stay contactless while minimizing its carbon footprint. Many leading technology brands have already incorporated it into their mobile wallets.

With a few smartphone taps, individuals can pay for an item and send information about a product via an app.Hence, many consider it a powerful tool that can make their life easier. 

NFC tags are also an exclusive way to encourage consumers to follow the company’s social media accounts. They are placeable on posters to spread the word about an entrepreneur’s business and offer discount opportunities. They only need to utilize the correct security settings toprevent malware and other harmful programs from being transmitted to their target audience.

The Operation of NFC Tags

NFC tags communicate via radio waves. This is why it is entirely different from metal business cards that need a professional for accurate printing. NFC readers and NFC labels relay information using this data exchange format. It can transmit radio signals to activate and trigger the antenna in the receiver device. After the receiver device completes the validation, the information exchange takes place.

These devices do not require a battery but draw power from smartphones and other mobile devices. Like Bluetooth, NFC readers can connect to only one NFC tag simultaneously. Smartphones can store card details, and the NFC tag acts as a transactional credit card.

In this instance, they can be called smart, info, or NFC tags, but their basic structure and design are identical to RFID tags. Both have limited storage space and an antenna with a radio chip.


NFC tags can have different memory capacities depending on their type, but they all have less than one kilobyte. Although this may seem like a problem to some, the NFC Forum’s NDEF Standard, a data format that the NFC uses, allows users to do incredible things with very few bytes.

An NFC tag isvaluable for marketing.

As an example:

An NFC tag can be programmed to direct the user to the brand’s website. This tag can be attached to any flyer, brochure, or object and can work like a QR Code but can also hold more information. This makes them useful for campaign analysis and reports. They can also be modified with the brand’s graphics and, at least for Android, donot require any app to read.

To know more information about NFC tags, you can view this infographic or visit our website NFC TAGIFY

What is NFC Tag, and How Does It Work?