What Are The Roles & Responsibilities Of A Commercial Electrician?

People usually believe that an electrician’s job is all about taking risks, but that’s not the case. Technology has evolved massively and people and more and more people require electricians, the demands for the same have also increased. However, not all electricians are the same. While some are adept at handling residents and apartments, others have a fair idea about commercial establishments. On that note, here’s a look at the responsibilities of commercial electricians and how they are contributing to building a safe and healthy society.

What Is A Commercial Electrician?

Commercial electricians are described as licensed professionals who specialize in the art of wiring, and electrical systems instead of residential facilities. They manage massive structures that have huge systems. It usually includes restaurants, government, high rises, office buildings, etc.

What Do Commercial Electricians Handle?

  • Commercial and industrial electricians in Sydney are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repairing of different electrical systems. This also includes transformers, conduits, generators, power circuits, switchboards, etc.
  • They inspect all electrical systems to ensure the effective functioning of all and to make sure that they match the standards of the industry.
  • They also resolve and diagnose if any issues are related to the electrical systems such as troubleshooting specific problems, fuses, ballasts, circuits, fixtures, etc.

Where do commercial electricians usually work?

Commercial electricians usually work indoors. But a special chunk of their time is spent traveling from one job site to the other. Their workload tends to be quite demanding physically. They are expected to move around a lot, spend ample time kneeling and standing, etc. Their job responsibilities are also considered to be hazardous as they are usually at high risk for flames, injuries to equipment, tool, etc. One can mitigate such dangers by either using proper protective gear. It also uses entry points like panels for plastering etc. One is expected to follow guidelines at all times because electricity is the only force that one should not act frivolously in any form or way.

What Do You Need To Study To Become A Commercial Electrician?

Usually, a high school diploma or even a GED certificate is useful when it comes to becoming a commercial electrician. Prospective electricians here will have the chance to not just learn the tricks of the trade but also master the art of becoming an excellent electrician.

What Is The Salary Of An Electrician In Australia?

Commercial and industrial commercial electricians are usually well paid. The average salary for them in a country like Australia comes up to 49-50 dollars per hour. So if they work for 9 hours a day, they make 450 dollars a day which equates to 4050 dollars a week and 16,000 dollars a month. In other words, this is quite a lucrative career opportunity and sought after by most.

If you wish to become an electrician, you may consider a career in commercial buildings. These positions are highly likely to become much more complex and large as compared to commercial establishments. If you would like more information on the same, you can read more details on industrial electricians in Sydney and how you can work for them today.