What a Bloom Box Contains? This How to Make it Unique


Bloom Box is one type of flower arrangement. As the name states, in the Bloom Box, flowers are arranged inside a box. It’s a perfect alternative for sending flowers on any occasion.

Compared with flower bouquets, Bloom Box is easier to carry and easier to place as decorations.

A Bloom Box is a perfect gift for a person who doesn’t have a lot of time to look after their flowers. Without extra care, Bloom Box can remain fresh and vibrant for 2-3 days. With some extra care, they will stay fresh for another five days.

Bloom Box is a fun and elegant flower arrangement. The key to a beautiful bloom box is the combination between the box choice and the choice of the flower.

What’s in the Bloom Box?

The main components of Bloom Box are the blooms and the box. But that is not all.

1. Box

A hard gift box is commonly used for a Bloom Box. This kind of box is usually made of thick cardboard so it is more sturdy. The gift box can be reused after the flower is no longer fresh. It is very rigid and thick. So it can be used as a storage box for jewelry, stationery, or other trinkets. The huge one is even suitable for storing clothes.

However, now, there are a lot more options than just a hard gift box. In Flower Advisor, bloom boxes are also come in a flipped softbox, balloon basket, transparent box, transparent dome, and a heart-shaped box.

2. Flowers

To make a bloom box, there must be a bloom. There are many options for flower combinations in a bloom box. Can be fresh flowers, dried flowers, or artificial flowers. Combinations of these two or three kinds of flowers also work well in a bloom box. The flower selection for every bloom box depends on the arrangement theme. Or the design could be made to match the color theme of the gift box. Overall, roses are still one of the favorite flowers to arrange in a bloom box.

3. Flower Base

To arrange the flowers in the box, florists usually use a synthetic material that can absorb water to preserve plants. This material is called a floristic sponge or floral foam. When arranging a bloom box with fresh flowers, this foam is usually wetted so the freshness of the flowers can last longer. But, if the flowers are dried or preserved, the foam is only a base to make the flowers easier to arrange. This foam will also be invisible in the result of the bloom box because it will be covered with flowers, fillers, and greeneries.

4. Decorations

An elegant and beautiful bloom box wouldn’t be complete without accents or decorations on it. Ribbons are one of the most popular items to decorate a bloom box. The ribbon can be wrapped around the gift box as pure decoration. If the bloom box type is the closed one, probably with a transparent box, the ribbon can also be used to tighten the box’s closing. Some florists also utilize ribbon to decorate the top of the bloom box. Either by tying it in a flower’s stem, or putting a ribbon knot on top of the flowers.

5. Filler

Filler in this term are flowers or greeneries used to complement the main flower on a bloom box. These filler flowers are usually of a smaller size and a variety of colors. Filler can make the bloom box look fuller and help enhance the bloom box’s color theme.

Add This to Make a Unique Bloom Box!

Now that you have some clues about a bloom box, this is time for you to plan one for your next gift-giving moment. To make the bloom box for your loved one more special, you can consider making a one-of-a-kind bloom box. These are some additional ideas to make your bloom box unique!

  • Vinyl cutout on the box

The purpose of these is to add personalization to the bloom box. Order a custom vinyl cut with the name of your loved one and put it on the box.

  • Use a wooden box

Try to think out of the box! Since one of the main components of a bloom box is the box, why not go a little bit extra for it? Change the usual gift box into a handcrafted wooden box. Putting the flower arrangements in the wooden box will create an elegant, vintage impression.

  • Add actual gifts inside

A bloom box is using a gift box. So why not combine the actual purpose of the gift box with the bloom box concept? This idea will make your gift-giving activity more efficient. The execution is to put a thoughtful gift inside the box, and then decorate the box with flowers. The suitable gift for a bloom box concept such as clothes made of silk and in soft color, perfume, body care products, skincare, and jewelry.

  • Add balloon

Nowadays, there are a lot of options for decorative balloons. Many kinds of material, lot of shapes, even a customized one. Add one or more balloons to the bloom box to make it more attractive. Match the balloon shape and color with the theme of the bloom box.

Bloom Box for Mother’s Day

The versatility of the bloom box makes it perfect for many occasions. But since Mother’s Day is coming in a few days, let’s focus on considering a bloom box for Mother’s Day flowers. Sending a bloom box for your mother, or great moms around you will be a sweet gesture to send your love and appreciation.

  • Red and white roses

This classic combination will never go wrong!

  • Bloom box full of pink carnations

This box is a symbol of eternal love, bonds, and gratitude.

  • White-Themed Bloom Box

This box will be an elegant and glamor gift symbolizing a pure love.