Upgrade your switchboards

Switchboards are also known as switch boxes that help to distribute the main feed of power into several branch circuits. Switchboards are compact in design and consist of switches and circuit breakers. Switchboards are popular in commercial and residential buildings for ensuring proper distribution of electrical energy. To facilitate the safe distribution of electrical energy, switchboards must be upgraded timely. Besides the proper design and construction, the upgradation of switchboards is crucial for the efficiency of switchboards. The following describes why it is important to upgrade your switchboards.

Benefits of upgrading your switchboards:

Switchboards are essential parts of an electrical current distribution system. They safely channel electrical energy from the main supply to every corner of our offices and houses. Your switchboard may be an old brown box or look like a tin box or may have a sleek design. Nevertheless, you need to upgrade your electrical switchboards after a considerable length of time. The following discusses the benefits of such upgradation. They are:

  • Protection from electrocution:

Sometimes, old wires hang from switchboards, making them dangerous to use. Frequent upgradation of switchboards helps to keep your families and employees away from electrocution.

  • Protection from fire hazards:

Old wirings and faulty fuses are the two main elements that can lead to a fire hazard. Replace such old switchboards in your homes and offices to be safe from any fire hazard.

  • Reduces maintenance cost:

Old switchboards require regular repairs which leads to a huge loss of money every year. This can stop if you bring in upgraded switchboards.

  • Extends the longevity of electrical equipment: 

Extend the life of your electrical equipment with upgraded switchboards. This also increases the performance of all electrical devices in your office and home.

  • Ensures safety of buildings:

Install switchboards with RCD safety switches and current regulation compliance to keep your building safe from unforeseen dangers.

How old switchboards can bother us?

Putting up with old switchboards can be troublesome. Older switchboards are very complicated to fix, unlike modern ones. It may involve frequent repairments, fire hazards and a huge surge in electrical consumption.

Why should we install new switchboards? 

Since old and faulty switchboards can harm your home, it is important to upgrade your switchboards timely. One of the best ways to ensure safety in your home is to upgrade your decade-old switchboard. RCDs or residual circuit breakers are well-equipped devices that protect your family from electrical fires and electric shocks. 

When you upgrade your old and dusty switchboards with RCDs, you ensure complete safety for your family from fire hazards. While upgrading your switchboards, you can also come to know about any potential faults that may harm your home. So, it is essential to upgrade your switchboards to ensure complete protection against fire hazards.

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