Top 11 Cool Uses of NFC Tags  

Near Field Communication technology, also called NFC Tags, has many benefits for consumers and businesses. It enables companies to integrate multiple payment methods and loyalty programs into one platform and allows customers to exchange contact information without carrying a physical card. The technology is also secure, as the signals are only transmitted from a few centimetres away from the device. Hackers cannot get information about the transaction by hacking it from across town.

This device is so versatile that it has many uses. However, what are the typical ones?

For company-related utilization:

  1. Secure Wi-Fi Spots permit users to connect and disconnect.

Wi-Fi access is usually available in offices and can be used by employees as an additional benefit. Wi-Fi access is required by VIP guests as well as business partners. NFC tags can easily be programmed to provide instant access to a Wi-Fi network without entering a password. It is great for institutions that rely upon KBA or keyword-based authentication and often use weak passwords. It will not compromise security by telling people their passwords.

Tapping an NFC Tag to connect to the Internet is much easier than typing in a password. These NFC cards are also handy for personal use.

  1. NFC Business Cards

A custom digital business card is a great way to stand out at conferences and events. It can also be used as an NFC business card. Users can program the tag with your contact details, social networks, and website address so it is quickly shared. NFC cards are far more efficient than a traditional business card.

Companies can issue NFC business cards to employees. It allows for more efficient introductions between potential business partners and business partners. Anyone with an online store can promote their products and store to potential customers using the NFC Tag on their card.

  1. Loyalty cards

Near Field Communication technology used in loyalty cards can help businesses. This card can track customers’ preferences and even offer discounts for customer retention.

These are solely a few of the conveniences that NFC Tags offer. Find out more in the infographic below created and designed by NFC Tagify:

Top 11 Cool Uses of NFC Tags