Kitchens and loos have plenty in common. Not solely are they the 2 most typically restored rooms in an exceedingly home, however, they conjointly each embody countertops as a primary feature. And room and loo stone countertops have one thing else in common: wet. Water is inevitably a gift around sinks, which in reality limits what quiet surface will be used for these countertops. room counters also are subject to plenty of wear and tear from spills, hot objects, also as scratches from knives and different utensils. Thus clearly, porous and non-durable surfaces like wood or laminates don’t seem to be the most effective selections for these countertops, however, what’s a decent choice? higher nevertheless, what surfaces build the most effective countertops?

The short answer is stone. Stone isn’t solely sturdy and well-suited to the task, however, it’s an exquisite style also. massive stone slabs are ideal for countertops, and premium quality stone will even increase a home’s worth. There are many different types of stone countertops to settle on once coming up with or reworking a home, however, what kind works best for countertops?

For some time, granite has been the tabletop material of selection once there have been no price problems to think about. Granite defines class as an exceeding room. Even modest kitchens appear to be luxury areas once tasteful by the wonder of granite countertops. Traditionally, granite has been a rich material, however, its price has returned down somewhat as providers have exaggerated and designed stone has become a lot more common. 

Quartzite may be a rock that forms once arenaceous rock wealthy in quartz gets subjected to a method referred to as the geologic process. stone may be a terribly arduous substance that makes it immune to scratches. whereas appearance square measure subjective, the stone is additionally usually thought-about esthetically pleasing. However, the stone is additionally porous. As a result, if you wish to seal it as typically as doubly yearly, that may be a pricey inconvenience. If you don’t seal the surface, it’ll collect stains.

Marble is another natural stone that can also be best used for stone countertops. It’s heavily in use for hundreds of years as an expensive material. Marble incorporates a classic, unaltered beauty and white brightness that’s not on the market in granite or different materials. It appeals to people who just like the distinctive character that comes over time. Marble is of course cool; it doesn’t heat alright. There are several downsides as marble is soft and really liable to scratches and breaking. particularly once it directly comes into contact with acidic liquids like lemon or tomatoes. Marble is one every of the foremost dearly-won natural stones, and its maintenance conjointly needs some effort. It needs regular sealing; that takes some time and cash.