The Evolution of Food Packaging in Singapore

The food packaging industry in Singapore has been witnessing significant changes with time due to the rise in consumer demand for convenient and sustainable packaging solutions. This industry, which serves as a critical link between food producers and consumers, is characterized by a multitude of players, each contributing to its evolution in their unique way.

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CMHT Singapore is one such company that supplies disposable food packaging products to the F&B industry. Working with various manufacturing plants overseas, CMHT ensures a steady supply of high-quality packaging materials, thereby playing a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of food products.

Supply Smiths, on the other hand, carries a range of packaging supplies in Singapore, particularly disposable and take away paper food boxes. As one of the best suppliers for takeouts, this company underscores the importance of reliable and robust food packaging in ensuring customer satisfaction.

BioPak Singapore has carved out a niche for itself by focusing on sustainable packaging. With award-winning plant-based compostable packaging, BioPak places considerable emphasis on innovation and customer service excellence, thus catering to the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Dillic Packaging is known for providing quality food packaging in Singapore. Offering a variety of food bags, food pouches, and more, this company demonstrates the diversity of food packaging options available to meet the unique needs of different food items.

Pacific Packaging Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based supplier and wholesaler of food packaging, plastic containers, plastic bags, and other packaging materials. This company’s contribution to the food packaging industry underscores the critical role of wholesalers in ensuring a consistent supply of packaging materials.

Ban Teck Han has been meeting customers’ needs in the provision of food packaging solutions since 1981. Their long-standing presence in the industry highlights the importance of experience and understanding of market trends in delivering effective packaging solutions.

CT Foodware is Singapore’s top choice for eco-friendly food packaging. Their premium kraft paper food packaging range – including cups, bowls, containers – reflects the increasing demand for environmental-friendly packaging options that minimize the impact on our planet.


SKP, the largest supplier of disposable packaging in Singapore, provides a wide range of disposable food packaging solutions. Their comprehensive offerings cater to various sectors, reinforcing the importance of versatility in food packaging.

Lastly, Custom Food Pack specializes in one-stop dry food packing services tailored to meet diverse food packaging requirements. This company’s focus on customization underscores the importance of personalized packaging solutions in enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.

In conclusion, the food packaging industry in Singapore is a vibrant and dynamic sector, characterized by innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity. As consumer demands evolve, we can expect the industry to continue its trajectory of growth and diversification.