The Blue Bottle Fly: A Mysterious And Unappreciated Insect

Many people have an intense appreciation of bees and butterflies, but these are only two of the many beautiful and exciting insects that live among us, unnoticed and unappreciated. Among these insects, one truly stands out as unique — the blue bottle flies. Suppose you think you know everything there is to know about this fascinating insect. In that case, you might want to think again — because even entomologists (scientists who study bugs) have only begun to understand the secrets of the blue bottle fly.

Benefits Of Insects

Insects are the most abundant animals on Earth, with more than a million different species. They play an essential role in nature by pollinating plants, decomposing organic matter, serving food for higher animals like birds and fish, and providing valuable nutrients for the soil. However, many people find them pests and want them eradicated from their yards.

What About Fly Fans?

Fly fans are the lifeblood of a fly population. Without them, the fly population would be much smaller. They provide food for larvae, which in turn provides food for adult flies when they emerge from their pupa. The adults then lay eggs to keep the cycle going. So rejoice if you see one or two flies buzzing around your home! It’s an indication that there is plenty of other living organisms nearby. If you don’t like flies, all hope isn’t lost. There are many natural ways to eliminate them, such as planting flowers near your house or spraying vinegar on plants. If these methods aren’t effective, try insecticides such as rotenone or pyrethrin mixed with water in a spray bottle (never spray indoors).

The Good They Do Around The Home

While they are a nuisance, the blue bottle fly is more of a help than you might think. They eat other flies around your home, which can be helpful if you have an infestation. The blue bottle fly also plays an important role in pollination and composting. While not on the best terms with most homeowners, the blue bottle fly deserves some appreciation for its contributions to our lives.

How To Control Them?

Controlling blue bottle flies is not as simple as one might think. There are various ways to eliminate them, but the first step is always removing their breeding grounds. Unfortunately, blue bottle flies may be found in any environment, so it cannot be easy to see all the possible sources. You can start by looking for moist spots they like assembling, such as under leaky sinks or bathrooms with wet floors.

Home Remedy To Prevent Blue Bottle Flies?

 An effective home remedy can be used to repel the blue bottle flies. The plantain plant is known for many uses, and it definitely has a lot of benefits. The leaves of a leafy green plantain are used as an insect repellent. You can make your own insect repellent with a few simple ingredients and use it in your house.