Switch to AC Contractors to have a Good AQI 

Home and office are two such places where it is mandatory to have an air conditioner. Without a good air conditioner, it becomes very difficult for people to survive in this humid and hot climate. So, there are 98% of people have air conditioners in their homes and office. Seldom will you find any place where there is no AC and there is only a fan? So, no matter what, if you have an AC then it is also equally important that you get good air i.e. pure and good quality air as per the AQI i.e. air quality index. 

Problems with Bad AC – 

If the AQI is poor, then it means that your AC is full of dust, dirt, and pollens and needs serviced so that you can breathe pure air. Poor quality air can not only be harmful to the old and the young, but it can also cause various kinds of respiratory problems in people like asthma, coughing, and one of the biggest health problems that you can face is nasal polyps which can grow because of the pollen that you breathe. So, you should switch to a good air conditioning serviceso that, not only the quality of the air is good as per the AQI but also you avert such kinds of problems arising due to poor quality or impure air. 

Switch to Contractors – 

If you are in search of a good service provider, then you should choose Berkey’s services. Besides, many times, it happens that service providers come and do the services like a fly-by-night type and then you cannot get in touch with them. So, one of the best things, that you can do is switch to Berkeys Air Conditioning ContractorsThe contractors are service providers who come season-wise to do a routine check-up of your AC and the HVAC system, whatever that you have and they do their routine services and go. You do not have to pay them for every service that they do, because you will be paying them for the contract annually. So, this will in turn save you from the hassles of servicing again and again and you can be stress-free for the rest of the year regarding your AC service.