Due to reproductive disorders and inability to bear a child, surrogacy is the last attempt for some couples to have children. During such technology, the genetic material of future parents is implanted into the uterus of another woman, who carries and gives birth to a child.

Surrogacy in Ukraine has a legal status and is becoming increasingly popular. This way it is possible to solve the problem even in cases where people do not have a spouse, single. The life stories of media personalities are a vivid confirmation of this.

Reasons for entering a surrogacy program

Surrogacy is a process, the main difficulties of which are not of a medical nature, but of a moral and legal nature. Indeed, opponents of the technology constantly say that a child in this situation becomes an object of purchase and sale. Without love from the woman carrying it, it is doomed to psychological trauma later. Even more dubious prospects are open to him in the case of living in a same-sex family.

There are also many organizational difficulties along the way. The most typical ones are finding a woman who can bear and give birth to a child. A married couple in a difficult life situation cannot do without the participation of professionals. There are all preconditions that surrogacy agencies will not lose their popularity in 2022-2023.

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All these prerequisites guarantee that customer’s wishes will be taken into consideration, a child will be delivered to a married couple, and a smother will receive compensation and remuneration due to her.

As of today, there is every reason to assume that the surrogacy prices in Ukraine will be higher in 2023. This is supported by the fact that the number of women who cannot have children for medical reasons does not tend to decrease.

However, it should still be noted that this program is most often accessed by people who have tried other options, and this is the last hope of realizing parental instincts and continuing the lineage. That is why the age of genetic parents is usually 40-45 years old. Nowadays the surrogate motherhood services are also being used by couples where the risk of a normal repeated pregnancy is based on the age criterion when the woman is over 50 years old.

Surrogacy is also popular among women who have decided to bear and give birth to a child for a childless family. Of course, only in rare cases is the motive for such a decision an unselfish desire to make a married couple happy. It is most typical when a woman is forced to enter the program to improve her economic situation. However, the financial level of those who can be surrogate mothers is not always below average.

Quite well-to-do women often turn to such technology in order not only to significantly improve their economic status, but also to take it to the next level. Moreover, there are a lot of women among surrogates who have received higher education. In the practice of any agency there are cases when the decision to become a surrogate mother was dictated by a negative set of circumstances, when money for housing or payment of medical services of a loved one was required.

However, motivation alone is not enough in this case. Not every woman who decides to enter the program can meet the necessary criteria. In addition to the right psychological attitude and sincere desire, she must meet other indicators:

  • be between the ages of 20 and 34 and have excellent fertility and overall health;
  • her own healthy child must be born through natural childbirth;
  • excluded mental disorders as well as bad habits.

At the same time, the woman does not have to be single. Moreover, it is preferable if she has a husband or a stable relationship with a man. According to experts, in this case, her decision is more balanced. However, the husband’s verified consent to her participation in the program is a prerequisite.