Sarasota’s Best Beaches — Hidden Gems and Popular Favorites

Sarasota, Florida, is home to some fine restaurants, the State Art Museum of Florida, high-end boutiques, scenic views, and so much more! The city offers a perfect blend of luxury and relaxation because of the stunning beaches. Sarasota has not only colorful beach life but also scenic escapes to provide you with. 

You can pursue relaxation and adventure both in one place named Sarasota. The beaches here are surely impressive for making it your home or planning a trip here. So, one must not forget to explore the homes for sale in Sarasota here and let yourself be closer to your dream house in Sarasota.

Best Beaches in Sarasota 

Below is the guide to help you plan your one-day trip to Sarasota to breathtaking beaches. 

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Siesta Key Beach

One of the most famous beaches of Sarasota is Siesta Key Beach. This beach is known for its turquoise water and clear white sand. This beach is perfect for family trips or even solo traveling, standing among the top-ranked beaches in the United States. This beach is cool even on the hottest days due to the presence of 99% quartz in its sand. 

Lido Key Beach

The beach is located near from downtown Sarasota. The best spot for unwinding and providing a more relaxing atmosphere than Siesta Key is Lido Key Beach. This beach is best for sunbathing, swimming, and picnics as it is less crowded. The several beachfront restaurants provide the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood along with a breathtaking view of the sunset. 

Turtle Beach

For people with a spirit of adventure, Turtle Beach is the perfect spot. This beach, which is known for its slightly rougher sand and loads of seashells, is located at the southern end of Siesta Key. Kayaking and paddleboarding are the perfect activities to do here, with equipment rentals provided by the beach. It even has a campground for camping on days off. 

Nokomis Beach – A Hidden Gem

One of Sarasota’s hidden gems is Nokomis beach. A peaceful gateway is provided here, along with clear water and breathtaking sunsets. This beach is among popular beaches but is less crowded than others. Fishing is a perfect activity here. Every Wednesday, locals and visitors gather around along with dance and music for a drum circle, which is a weekly event. 

Venice Beach 

Venice Beach is just a short drive from Sarasota. Fossilized shark teeth can be found on its shore, for which it is well known. You can seek treasures here. The shoreline includes a fishing dock, a picnic area, and a volleyball court.

Tips to Make Your Beach Trip in Sarasota Fun 

Now that you know the best beaches around, it is time to level up your experience. Soaking in the sun while sipping your Margarita is fun, but how about we take it to the next level by adding some fun to it? 

Here are a few ways you can make your experience at the beaches in Sarasota fun. 

  • Pick a Kayak tour that ranges around $55 per adult. The tour takes you through the water while you explore the hidden gems. 
  • If you are going with a group of friends, hop on a Private Luxury Boat Charter that will cost you around $350 (approximate charges). The boat is the ultimate luxurious experience while you go around the beaches while partying on your boat. 
  • Check out Dolphin Cruise. 
  • Make Kayaking fun with a night LED glass tour.  
  • Make sure to explore the nearby restaurants and cafes at the beaches. 
  • Pick your favorite water activities, including the ones that can be enjoyed with your family. 

Remember to always be careful on the beaches and avoid swimming in the high tides. Besides, if you want your next trip to beaches to be an unforgettable experience with your loved ones and friends, you can consider visiting Sarasota!