Receipt Printing And Tax Invoice

A full tax invoice is a document showing proof of the product purchased by the customer. Moreover, even sellers have the right to check and print the tax invoice and send it to the revenue department to verify it in case of a blunder.

A receipt is a document the seller must issue proof of buying the product and a warranty of receiving the money. 

The Ways To Print Excel Receipt Invoice

Print receipts one by one from a billing page. In the online bill, click to print the ticket, then the system will show the print page, which you want to print, and press to get the print. To print multiple receipts at the same time. By going to the online page, select the order to be published, press the print button, and display all the tickets. 

Two Ways To Print A Full Tax Invoice

  • To Print The Complete Invoices At A Time

Click print tax voice at the right corner of the bill, and after filling the address for invoice only, merchants should turn on the function of printing tax invoices from the setting, then press print, and the tax invoice will be displayed.

  • To Print Multiple Complete Tax Invoices At The Same Time.

By going to the order page of the bill, select the order you want to print the invoice tax, then print it, and the system will automatically create a total invoice tax. All the invoices should be printed and will be displayed. 

Difference Between A Tax Invoice And A Receipt

  • An Invoice is a document of the payment of goods by the seller or the customer, and the receipt is the document that verifies that the sale has been made.
  • A tax invoice document gives the price which is bought as well as GST.

Receipt sample (ตัวอย่างใบเสร็จรับเงิน, which is the term in Thai) is given on many platforms like Pinterest, etc.

When Making A Tax Invoice Following Things Are Essential To Include.

  • Invoice Number And Date.
  • Customer Name.
  • Shipping And Billing Address.
  • The Words’ Tax Invoice’ Is Displayed.
  • Seller’s Identity And Business Number.
  • A Description Of The Goods And Services, Quantities, And Price.
  • The Tax Applied For Each Item.

Things to Include While Making an Excel Receipt (ใบเสร็จ รับ เงิน excel, term in Thai).

  • Include The Company’s All The Necessary Details 
  • Dates Of Transaction
  • List Of The Products With A Brief Description Of The Products

Sample Receipts are polished ways to show proof of the product purchased.


Invoice printing can be complex, especially in a booming business, where they have to create hundreds of invoices in routine. Various tools can be used in building and tracking invoices easily.