Reasons To Invest In Rolex Cellini Moonphase

Dress watches are indeed a wardrobe must-have for some reason, and people love wearing these watches during formal events besides regular escapades. Besides anything else, one fact that people cannot ignore is that these dress watches are pretty easy on the eye, so Rolex Cellini moonphase is it time please that provides a classy aesthetic, and it is here to stay. Dress watches can surely pass the ultimate regular accessorise due to their simple look, though they are generally hidden from the limelight.

Who Should Buy A Rolex Cellini Moonphase?

Rolex statement pieces are known universally, and even if there is life beyond the universe, it is sure that people will love the watches even in interstellar fame. Unfortunately, some people just go through showrooms or blogs to glimpse the mythical watch, and only a handful of pretty lucky people can touch the luxury sports watches which is no less than sheer joy. Even though several watch lovers or even the collectors might be happy with the new Rolex watch, the watch is perfect for Connoisseurs who believe that a brand goes way more than just a submariner watch.

Specifications Of Rolex Moonphase Watch

The new watch features and in house calibrate around 3195 that features an accuracy of-2 + 2 seconds per day. The automatic winning features about 28.5 mm diameter movement that includes 3112, which beat at 4 Hz. Furthermore, the watch provides 48 power reserves adjusted in 6 positions, and it features a deep blue para Chrome under Rolex overcoil besides a high quality shock absorber. The watch is also known as a superlative chronometer, that shows that it is Rolex certified after casing.

The dial of the watch features functions of minutes awards and small seconds besides moonphase at 6:00 o’clock and a fantastic display date on lovely white background base featuring blue detailing moonphase disc. The full moon is amazingly seen in the rhodium-plated meteorite, while the stars and new moon are printed in silver. The markers of the hours are in 18 karats pink gold.

The movement and dial of the luxury moon face watch are encased in a very variable 39 mm diameter case featuring 13.4 mm thickness and 46.3 mm spacing. The typical 20 mm interior log spacing for the Rolex Cellini moonphase is indeed welcome as choices for aftermarket choices have become a possibility viable.