Start with a tiny region initially

Paint a little area on the very first day and let it settle. Return to check on the paint’s drying progress and determine whether you used too much or not enough paint. Adjust as necessary. Do visit:

Work with one color at a time

About halfway across the canvas, I discovered one could cover additional ground by choosing just one color and repositioning the canvas to capture every square inch of that figure.

Lay the paint thickly, notably for the lighter shades

If you use a thinner coat of paint for some of those warm tones, the printed number on the canvas will still be visible once it sets. Therefore, start by painting on a heavy layer of colour.

Do not however try to complete too many tasks in one session; instead, take frequent pauses. 

While you strive to do too many things at once, you risk the possibility of smudging wet paint. To just not mention, when you’re painting incredibly small places, it will strain your eyesight.

Working with a task light

I enjoy painting while utilizing this project light at my workstation. I found it so much simpler to comprehend those tiny written digits as a result.

If your kit arrives with a usage instance, keep it in a safe place

I pulled it out a few times to examine orphan places where there were lacking digits despite thinking I would still not need it. On times, you might only paint a section of a panel before recognising there is an empty gap.

Working right to left: If you are Right-handed 

Always have a dry spot nearby where you can relax your arm while painting. I like to move from the top left corner to the bottom right, gradually working my way downwards.

Establish a routine 

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this canvas. This was mostly because I painted for just 10 to 15 minutes every evening, which was the optimal method for me to wind down after the day.

In conclusion, if you need an artistic break, try a Painting by Numbers kit. Since the kits contain everything that you’ll need, they are handy. It feels great to add color to the canvas. It is a mindless, repeated task that promotes relaxation and calmness. An excellent approach to experiment with paint without having to make design decisions

The craftsmanship of the components in these Artists’ Loft Paint by Number Kits amazed me. They even come with a frame!


What is the timeframe to complete paint by numbers?

Expect not to complete this task within a single session! I certainly didn’t mean to concentrate a great deal on my canvas, but I became addicted to painting it! Every night, I would draw closer to my canvas and spend 15 minutes painting. It ended up taking me about 21 and 22 days to accomplish it fully.