NCR-TBC A Tool To Support Your Needs

NCR-TBC (ตลับลูกปืน LM Guide NSR-TBC, which is the term in Thai) is two pieces of LM Guide, Which are highly capable of performing self-aligning and Self-adjustment. It is the only casing LM Guide which is two pieces instead of a single piece of LM Block.

A cylindrical spring nut partially cut at an angle of 120°, which is part of this guide, enables the self-alignment on the fitting surface with the casing for rough installation. This LM Block has four upward, downward, and two laterals direction. Thus it can receive loads from all directions. This LM block absorbs all the errors and does not affect the travelling performance if two rails are mounted accurately, so the machine performance will not deteriorate early.

Basic Information

NCR-TBC is a carbon steel self-alignment block set with self-alignment balls. It has four blocks of mountain holes. The LM mechanism has an excellent rolling mechanism.

Hence, the contrast between dynamic and static friction is tiniest, and mislaid motion hardly emerges. LM guide can carry preload as necessary to increase its rigidity due to the circular arc groove design. It is capable of bearing vertically and horizontal loads.

The Lm guide has a highly spherical ball and constrained structures with no Cleaning. When the LM guide rolls under the road, its raceway and rolling balls consistently receive repetitive stress.

For the LM system, seak is made of synthetic rubber with high wear resistance, and a wiper ring is available as a contamination protection seal. For a location with severe conditions, environments, dedicated below, and dedicated covers are available for some models.

As a consequence, sliding surfaces don’t require to be refurbishment. An oil film on the falling surface sliding guide requires forced movement of an enormous quantity of lubricant. LM guide, however, only requires periodic replenishment of a tiny portion of lubricant or grease.

Thus maintenance is simple and also keeps the environment clean. The LM guide is easier to build than the sliding guide and does not require highly skilled specialists to carry out the adjustment operation.

Therefore the assemblage man-hour for the LM mechanism is reduced and maintained at a lower expense. LM guide product has a self-adjusting capability, which is not available in competitive products. This feature contains ideal Fourways.


NSR-TBC LM guide is incorporating a part with liner rolling motion into practical usage for the first time in the world. It is easily installed with accuracy and can take the load from any direction with high rigidity and high capacity, and an energy-saving high-speed machine with long service lives.