More and more women and men are facing the problem of conceiving a child. Female and male infertility is a plague of the 21st century. A diagnosis that is gaining momentum every year. According to statistics, one in seven women in the world cannot conceive independently. This figure, unfortunately, does not stand still and increases.

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There are many reasons for infertility today. Conventionally, the causes of infertility can be divided into 6 groups:

  • diseases of the cervix;
  • diseases of the uterus and tubes;
  • hormonal diseases;
  • immunological factor;
  • Infertility of unexplained genesis;
  • Genetic factors.

Among women, 40% have a lack of ovulation, 40% have tubal abnormalities, 10% have rare diseases, and 10% have idiopathic infertility (unexplained infertility).

Apart from medical reasons, infertility may also be caused by bad nutrition, bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs), harmful environment, polluted water and air, the effects of man-made disasters, etc.

Surrogacy and egg donation have long been an indispensable solution to the problem of infertility. It is a unique technique through which infertile couples have the chance to become parents, moreover of their own child. During surrogacy programme biological material of the wife and husband may be used (if possible) and implanted to the surrogate mother. If, however, female material cannot be used for medical reasons, then donor eggs are used. In this case, the sperm of the husband is used. A donor is chosen that is as similar to the woman as possible.

The surrogate mother is only a temporary “home” for the unborn child, as there is no genetic link between them. Besides, after the birth the surrogate has no right to keep the baby since she has no biological connection with him/her and the surrogate couple is registered as parents on the birth certificate.

Surrogacy is allowed in Ukraine. It is one of the few countries where such programmes are legal. Moreover, all the aspects of using and conducting surrogacy, IVF, and oocyte donation are stipulated by the Family Code of Ukraine. The rights of all programme participants are protected, and adherence to all clauses of the contract (a mandatory document signed by all programme participants) guarantees successful completion of all stages of the procedure.

Many women agree to become surrogate mothers because of financial difficulties, illness of close people, the need to provide for their own children and many other reasons. The countries where surrogacy is prohibited by law condemn such procedures, calling them immoral and immoral. There are also many supporters of surrogacy, who are in every way supporting this sphere of reproductive medicine.

By agreeing to carry a child to an infertile couple, the woman is doing a great good and giving a new life. The surrogate mother is not genetically linked to the child she is carrying, so there can be no family connection. She simply provides a healthy, comfortable environment for the baby for nine months. Sometimes there are cases when a surrogate mother finds it difficult to give up her baby after he or she is born. But, counselling by a psychologist can help to deal with the doubts and clarify the inner doubts. Often surrogate mothers are convinced by the problem of the couple they are helping. They gladly give birth to IVF children, realising that they help people who are not able to experience the happiness of parenthood.

The surrogate mother receives a decent financial reward. This helps women to solve their financial difficulties, help their own children, provide them with a happy future, a good education, and accommodation.

Surrogate’s food


In order for a baby to grow and develop normally, a surrogate mother must pay enormous attention to her diet. A correctly designed schedule and menu of meals helps not only to

Postnatal recovery of a surrogate mother


All women who become pregnant and give birth have one problem in common: they are interesting for everyone around them only until they give birth to their child. Then everything

Surrogate preparation


Infertility problem has become the scourge of the 21 century long ago. More and more people are not able to conceive.

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