Identifying how liver damage can be caused


Our body consists of various organs like the heart, brain, liver, etc, all of those who work together to get our body functional. If one of them ceases to exist or is damaged, the whole of our body will collapse. 

The liver, one of our body organs, is not an organ whose importance many people realize up till now. It is not taken as seriously as the rest of our body organs, which shouldn’t be the case. 

Many people don’t realize how vital it is. The liver performs almost 500 functions of the body, like breaking down food and converting it into energy. Not only that, but it also fights off all the infections rising in our bodies. A healthy liver is important for the brain as well as it keeps it healthy. 

So what would be the repercussions if our liver is damaged? 

If the liver is damaged, then one should immediately get it checked. The more the delay, the more problems it would arise. If delayed, one will have acute liver failure, which can cause kidney damage, infections, cerebral edema, etc. 

So what can cause liver damage

One of the most common ailments seen today is liver damage. It is seen quite common among the masses nowadays, which is rising the question about how it is caused.

1. Genetics – 

One of the reasons that cause liver damage is genetics. As we know, there is a very high possibility for the child to also acquire a disease that their parent has. Liver damage comes on that list. According to further research in this area, it was stipulated that an abnormal gene that might be inherited from either both or one of your parents might cause various components to build up in the liver which might result in liver damage. 

2. Problems with the Immune System – 

Another reason why liver damage can be caused is, Problems with our Immune System. It is observed that when some diseases in our immune system, by mistake, attack our liver or other body parts, a disease known as Autoimmune disease can be formed. 

3. Infection – 

The next reason is Infection. Yes, various viruses and parasites can affect our liver that further goes on to become a disease. The viruses or parasites can not only cause inflammation and reduce liver functions but can also spread through our blood, contaminated food, and water which might cause another person to get affected. Such types of liver infections generate diseases like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. 

4. Cancer – 

Cancer is also the cause of some liver damage. According to research, when abnormal cells multiply in our liver they can turn into tumors. These tumors can then turn out to be either cancerous, which causes liver cancer, or not cancerous at all. 

5. Too much Alcohol Consumption – 

As we all know, too much alcohol consumption is not good for our health. It has a very high probability of causing liver damage, because of too many toxins present in it. 

6. Obesity – 

Another reason for liver damage is, obesity. If there is too much fat accumulated in the liver it can turn into a fatty liver disease, which would result in liver damage. 

Therefore, the above mentioned are the main causes of liver damage can be caused. To conclude, we should be really careful about our health and not cause damage to any vital part of our body.