How to Style Jackets for Men

Men love their jackets, and every man has a favourite style that they wear consistently. Stylish and suitable for casual and formal settings, jackets are a staple to a man’s wardrobe. Casual jackets for men include denim jackets, bomber jackets and much more. Mentioned below are the top jackets that men must have. Here are also some tips on how these can be styled for various occasions. 

Denim jackets for men:

Denim jackets have become popular since the 1990s. Depending on your body type and preferences, denim jackets come in oversized and fitted styles. A denim jacket is always a good choice, but you should avoid wearing them if they are dark navy, white, or have an acid-wash pattern. Also, for the best fit, pay close attention to long sleeves that extend to the hip. Try the wool neckline design while you’re at it as well. A fitted denim jacket, khakis, and a striped t-shirt are the components of the ideal trendy, preppy ensemble.

An effortless, cool guy look consists of jeans, a flannel shirt, and boots. Put on a pair of joggers, some sneakers, and a t-shirt or pullover hoodie to create the desired appearance if you want to look more athleisure-inspired.

Bomber jackets for men:

A classic, adaptable, and timeless item of men’s outerwear is the bomber jacket. These are trendy and fashionable jackets that come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials. There is a bomber jacket outfit for everyone, whether you prefer a relaxed look with jeans, a white t-shirt, and sneakers or a smart and casual look with a button-up, chinos, and boots.

It is best to pair your outfit with a rustic-looking bomber jacket that is neutral in colour and buttons down if you’re going for a chic appearance. However, pairing a deep-coloured satin bomber jacket with skinny jeans, a plain shirt, and desert boots will look great for a trendier style.

Leather jackets for men:

Any style, whether traditional or modern, looks great with a leather jacket. The significant benefit of this jacket is that it is timeless and constantly evolving to match the most recent fashion trends and tastes. 

The options for leather jackets are endless because they come in so many different cuts, styles, and colours. Almost any outfit can be fashioned to look good with a leather jacket. For example, you can create the perfect look for a laid-back day out by pairing ripped jeans with a cargo tee and adding a leather jacket to the ensemble. You can also pair the jacket with boots for a robust and edgy vibe. For a more chic look, wear them with nice, white sneakers for casual outings.

Don’t be shy to try it, even with your formal attire. Think not and replace the lovely blazer with the rugged leather jacket for the most stunning look a man could achieve. 

In a nutshell

There are many more types of jackets for men than just the ones mentioned above; it all depends on individual taste, comfort, and style. No matter what kind of jacket you wear, always remember to properly accessorise the look with hats, scarves, sunglasses, watches, and other accessories. 

However, that doesn’t mean you should over-accessorise, making it look cluttered and unpleasant to look at. Also, never be afraid to try out various looks because you will never know which one best suits you unless you give it a shot!

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