Facet Joint Injections: What You Need to Know

Facet joint injections are a standard treatment option for individuals suffering from chronic back pain. The procedure involves injecting medication directly into the facet joint between two vertebrae in the spine. It reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling in the affected area. This article will discuss what you can expect from facet joint injections.

The Procedure

Facet joint injections are typically performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. During the process, a small needle is inserted into the facet joint, and a combination of anesthetic and steroid medication is injected. This medication helps reduce inflammation and provide pain relief. You will typically be asked to remain still during the procedure. However, your comfort is always a priority, and breaks may be taken if necessary.


After the procedure, patients may experience some mild discomfort or soreness at the injection site. However, most patients can resume their normal activities within a few hours of the injection. This includes gentle exercise and activities of daily living. Most patients experience decreased pain within a few days after the injection. However, total relief may take up to weeks. Depending on your situation, more than one injection may be necessary to relieve pain.

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Facet joint injections are generally considered effective in relieving temporary pain for individuals with chronic back pain. However, it’s important to note that the effectiveness of these injections varies from person to person. This is why discussing all treatment options with a professional for cervical facet injection in Chicago is essential before starting any new procedure is essential.

Long-Term Benefits of Facet Joint Injections

In addition to providing short-term relief, facet joint injections can also help improve flexibility and mobility in the spine. This can improve posture over time, further reducing pain or discomfort. Furthermore, because injections are not major surgical procedures, there is typically a shorter recovery period with fewer side effects than other treatments for chronic back pain. Hence, facet joint injections can be a safe and effective alternative for long-term relief from chronic pain.

To Sum Up

Facet joint injections can be an effective way to manage chronic back pain for some people. While recovery is quick and most patients can resume their normal activities, it’s important to remember that effectiveness varies by individual case. So consulting with medical professionals who specialize in such treatments is highly recommended before making any decisions regarding your health care management. Thanks for reading.