English: Reading, Writing, and Speaking

We all are aware of the importance of the English language in our life. From our very childhood, we have been taught to read, write and speak good English. Our English exams have different parts, .i.e, reading, writing, grammar, and literature. The English exam is divided into these sections as it helps in improving your English skills from your very childhood. The children get acquainted with the English learning process from a very early age and will be able to implement those in their later life. The reading section in an English exam comprises a few paragraphs or poems, along with questions based on those. The children are expected to answer the questions after they have understood the given paragraphs. This helps in checking the reading and learning capacity of the children. This is a quite helpful method of making a habit of reading and improving the reading skills in children.

After the reading section, here comes the writing section of the English exam. This section is also essential in our life, but some of the writings may sound really absurd. But, it is quite a funny section as you get the privilege of writing of your own choice and own language. It is also interesting because you write various types of writings like letter writing, paragraph or story writing, notice writing, diary entry, etc. There are various kinds of writing which are asked in an English exam. Among all these, letter writing and application writing are the important ones and are used later in life.

After the writing section, the next important section in the English exam is the grammar section. We must have been learning various grammar lessons like tenses, verbs, nouns, etc., and interestingly, almost all the lessons are helpful in our life. The questions in the English grammar section are asked in different ways so that the minds of the students are intrigued, and they do not stick to the particular lessons. They learn various grammar lessons and answer the questions in different ways. It also helps the students in tricking their brains and being able to answer all the questions.

Speaking is not a part of an English exam, but it is the most crucial part of the language. Almost every person is judged on the basis of the way they communicate. Whether you are a student or an employee, it is essential to have good communication skills. Therefore, the children are asked to practice speaking from a very young age. Communication is not only about having good pronunciation or having a good vocabulary; it is also about presenting yourself. Along with fluency, it is essential that you know the way of conveying your message to someone. So in order to have good speaking skills, it is essential to be good at vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, etc. While writing a formal letter, it is essential to have a thorough check on the language you use to write the letter.

A lot of people think that if a person speaks fluent English, then they might be good at English. That is partially true as English is not only about fluency; it is also about the way you write and the way you present yourselves. Therefore, in an English exam, all the parameters are evaluated so that the children learn the various aspects of English from a very young age.