Email Deliverability: transferring mailbox reputation to a new address improve email deliverability

The terms of use of the mailbox do not suit the price or the updated rules. Or the name needs to be changed because of a new brand promotion. All these reasons, and many more, may require the creation of a new email account. In terms of technology, it takes a few minutes. But it’s much harder to solve the problem of recognizability of the new email address, and to solve the most important issue – increasing email deliverability. To do this with a lot of simple solutions, systematic work. Improve email deliverability will also help by transferring the reputation of the previous mailbox to the new address. You can do this by engaging the best available resource – your existing subscribers.

Engaging the best subscribers: count on originality and optionality

The core of subscribers who actively communicate, buy products or order services, and collaborate with the company should be cherished. They are the ones who can help warm up a new email address. You can send them a targeted email with a new email account and an offer to subscribe to the new box. But what’s important here is originality and the optionality of the message. 

Originality is personal creativity. For example, the message can be in the form of an animated screensaver, a video or a simple but interesting text. It all depends on the audience and its aspirations, which the newsletter author knows best.

The subscriber should do it not only because of commitment to their brand, but also to get a bonus, an extra option. It can also be a direct marketing move, linked exclusively to those who have performed this action and confirmed the distribution of information personally from themselves to at least one more potential subscriber. You can encourage regular and active subscribers in different ways:

  • participation in prize draws, activation of a loyalty program;
  • providing a discount;
  • invitation to an offline event, which the company organizes as a gift or for a minimum fee.

Any contact and action by the user that requires significant effort or decisions must be rewarded. In this case, with material support.

Why handing over a new address from hand to hand is super effective

Such a contribution will help create a whole new momentum in the development of the company, and the power of the action will be many times more effective than the usual promotion of a new box by “cold” mailings. Users’ recommendations to their environment will not be perceived as spam mailing. At the same time, the engagement of the circle of subscribers is much higher, since communication is often with those who are close in lifestyle, habits, and shopping directions.

If the nucleus of subscribers and new contacts can join the new box after the campaign, it can be considered that the super task has been accomplished: a new target core of customers has been formed. And now the main task of the author of the mailing list is to retain rhythm, interest, and quality. Since an excellent base has been created for the start.