Catching Murthi Parsi’s Eyes Sparkle as Her Soul Sings

Not long ago, Murthi Parsi was a dejected woman in Karmahawa, Lumbini, Nepal. She had to experience the ostracization and the curse of being blind that often follows in low-economic households in developing countries. However, like many others in Nepal, Murthi suffered from blindness caused by a cataract. Between 1979 and 80, the findings of the Nepal Blindness Survey stated that 80% of the population in the country suffered from avoidable blindness caused by cataracts. But now, the scenario is changing in Nepal with the help of Tej Kohli.

The philanthropist Tej Kohli is on the mission with Dr Sanduk Ruit to cure 500,000 people of unnecessary blindness by 2026. Their foundation, Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation, has been working tirelessly to achieve the target, and one of the 16,949 people cured of blindness in this mission is Murthi.

Thanks to Mr Tej Kohli and the God of sight – Dr Ruit, like Murthi Parsi, many have got their vision back. She no longer has to lead a lonely life where the economic condition of her home spiraled downwards because of her blindness. Murthi getting her sight back has improved her overall quality of life. She can take care of herself and the household chores and do the basic activities we often take for granted, like fetching a glass of water or seeing her children and grandchildren. Murthi reminisced that one and a half years ago, when she was blind, there had been days when stray dogs ate the food from her plate, causing her to stay hungry for the day.

Gone are those days for Murthi or her family, who had to take care of her instead of doing odd jobs for income. Since she hailed from an agricultural family, paddy plantation was essential for their survival. Due to Murthi’s condition, that too suffered. Since she couldn’t go to the paddy field, her grandchildren had to miss school to do her work.

But all of these changed after the cataract surgery. Murthi with sparkle in her eyes is elated to narrate how her life has changed for better after the cataract operation. She is happy to go back to the paddy field to do her work and help her family. In August 2022, Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation is launching its international journey to cure the needless blindness curing outreach camp in Bhutan. The future is looking bright for people like Murthi Parsi not only in India, Nepal and Bhutan but also in underserved countries like Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Tanzania.

You can learn more about the works done by Mr Kohli in Tej Kohli Official blog, where you will get to know the man behind the mission to create a world that is thoughtful, sustainable, and equipped with modern technology.