BS7858 Security Screening Standard What UK Employers Need to Know

BS7858 Security Screening Standard What UK Employers Need to Know

The British Standards Institution outlines and recommends a best practice approach for people who operate in secure settings in the UK standard BS7858. BS7858 details the steps to take when hiring for “secure” positions, where an insider might potentially steal or harm the confidentiality of data, knowledge, or other tangible or creative assets; or put people in danger. Do check out: BS7858

Comparing BS7858:2012 and BS7858:2019 Explain the Major Distinctions:

While the first screening criterion focused on people who would be working in a security-related field, the scope has now been broadened to include all prospective employees. In addition to the traditional security industries, many other businesses that deal with protected or sensitive areas are now included. Due to its sturdiness, the BS7858 security screening technique is expected to become the norm in the business.

Businesses conducting background checks on employees in secure workplaces must adhere to the requirements outlined in BS 7858:2019, which replaced the BS 7858:2012 standard on September 30, 2019.

Examining the BS7858 Security Screening Standard:

Screening according to BS7858 is advised to ensure that the required requirements are met in these industries. The new and improved BS7858:2019 places more emphasis on screening top management for optimal efficiency. Accountability for process risks should be increased, and the right resources should be put in place.

If you screen your personnel according to BS7858, you may ensure your customers, employees, board, regulators, and auditors that you are not hiring someone who should not be handling personal, private, and sensitive data.

Who Should Use BS7858 Security Checks?

1. Security sectors: To join the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme, businesses must demonstrate that they follow BS7858 and other British Standards.

2. Non-security sectors:   for any business that isn’t in the security business but has to screen employees who will be working in high-risk environments like critical infrastructure sites or with access to confidential information or expensive equipment.

Benefits of  BS7858 Security Standard:

The BS7858 Security Standard is a widely recognized and respected certification that provides numerous benefits to organizations.

1. When securing key infrastructure and private data, having a single, robust criterion provides companies and individuals greater confidence that security employees and those working in secure surroundings can do the job.

2.  Employers should prioritize risk prevention. Employers that use BS7858 screening to weed out candidates with big red flags and anomalies in the recruiting process will be able to show off their skilled staff.

3. The norm is an all-encompassing method that incorporates both required checks and optional screening options to present a complete picture of an individual’s financial standing, criminal record, and worldwide impact.

4. This standard ensures that companies have a comprehensive and effective screening process in place for their employees, which helps to mitigate the risk of security breaches and other potential threats.


Companies and responsible organizations that handle sensitive data and critical infrastructure must minimize risks when employing new staff. This necessitated the BS7858 Security Screening Standard.