Every ability in the contemporary world needs continuous practice and expert mastery. If one wants to pursue a profession in this artistic field, taking a baking course with its delicious cakes, croissants, sweets, chocolates, crackers, and other culinary products is undoubtedly where they should start. One of India’s top institutions for learning baking and pastry arts is the Institute of Bakery and Patisserie in New Delhi. With the help of this stand-alone method, you can launch your bakery and build a successful career. Find some of the best chocolate making classes in delhi

IBCA Institute of New Delhi Programmes

IBCA offers a wide range of programs in baking to give both novices and seasoned experts a real challenge for an exciting future in the industry. Every person has a unique aptitude, set of talents, and set of prerequisites that will influence the path they should take.

Certificate Programs

This program is designed to provide newbies with career-defining Bakery courses that will pave the way for their development as top bakers in the future.

  • 1 Year Bakery and Patisserie Diploma Program: This curriculum, which is offered in more than 150 countries and therefore is accredited by City and Guilds (the United Kingdom), offers a thorough expert approach to developing students’ careers even if they have little or no previous understanding of the foundations of baking.
  • 6 Months of Certification Training in Patisserie and Bakery: This curriculum, which is accredited by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and the Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC), leads students to step by step in developing skill mastery in baking with assistance from leading industry professionals.
  • This 12-week course is ideal for novices to polish their baking abilities in preparation for an entry-level career in the field. It is a three-month certification program in bakery and patisserie. Learners are prepared for something like the difficulties encountered in the industry by using a more pragmatic approach, comprehensive live kitchen instruction, and hands-on experience with professionals.

Hobby Programs

  • IBCA offers a variety of leisure programs focusing on certain topics as well as vacation courses for individuals who are currently employed. Each program contains an appropriate outline that participants must adhere to learn from specialists during actual culinary training.
  • Mini Master Chef: As the title suggests, this curriculum is specifically created for children between the ages of 8 and 14. It includes a brief introduction to a few basic principles of baking as well as a few significant procedures and techniques.
  • The basics of pastry: Get specialized training to acquire all pastry techniques because it serves as one of the most crucial components of bakery dishes. beginning with dough types, procedures, handling guidelines, corrections, and final demonstrations that will increase your grip on
  • Cake adornment: Another popular bakery dish that is in the growing market around the world is cake. In this program, participants learn a variety of fundamental techniques, setups, and designs, as well as finishing the presentation for adorning a variety of cakes according to situations.


IBCA, which has been around for well over ten years, has evolved into one of the top institutions for setting talented amateur bakers on the pathway toward becoming professionals in the future. The greatest baking lessons in Delhi are provided by them since they have the necessary equipment, top professionals, and practical teaching methods.