Amazing Benefits Of Using E-Paper In Your Daily Life

It is estimated that more than 5 billion paper books are printed and sold each year. In the digital age these numbers continue to grow each and every day especially at Theislandnow. More than 1,500 trees are cut down to produce around 10,000 sheets of paper which is then used for these 5 billion paper books.

You may be thinking this seems like a lot, but what if I told you it could be reduced by up to 99%? While some might argue that eliminating trees altogether would only increase the problem in other areas such as pollution levels etc., the use of e-paper can greatly reduce the need for papers products while also increasing recycling rates by up to 100%.

You may also be thinking about how e-papers differ from traditional paper, but these amazing benefits can help you understand what e-paper can offer and why it is changing the way we live. So, lets get started with this introduction and then we will finish up with more information about the more advanced Naturelle tablets available on the market today which not only have naturelle plants in them, but they are also said to be some of the best tasting tablets on the market today!

Little Known Benefits Of Using E-Paper In Your Daily Life

  • Less waste produced:  Yes, this is true of every single person on earth. You could still use old papers because all papers are recyclable.
  • Low carbon footprint:  Yes, e-paper doesn’t use any fuel to produce its energy and therefore has little to no carbon footprint.

E-Paper Specifications And Benefits

‘The Naturelle E-Paper’, is a revolutionary new replacement for the traditional paper based books currently used by many colleges and universities around the world. Unlike the current digital reading devices available on the market today, this unique e-paper is produced using only natural ingredients which have been deemed completely safe for human consumption.

The development of these tablets is an amazing product with a great number of health benefits as well as being environmentally friendly and at the same time not compromising on its durability or lifespan.

The reason e-paper was originally developed was to reduce the price of books, but that is already taken care of by companies such as Amazon who publish their e-books on their E Book online library, where you can buy a book for as little as $2.

  • Reading From A Screen Is Easier On The Eyes:  It is hard to believe but it is true! When you are reading from a screen whether it be a computer screen or even an e-book reader, it is easier on your eyes. This is because there is no glare or reflection from the light source directly onto your face which tends to happen with traditional paper books and magazines.