All You Need To Know About Cable Management


Be it your home, workplace or tech centre; cable management is one thing you must pay attention to. No one wishes to see tangled cables, as we all know that it is not easy to untangle them. That is why one must arrange them in an organized way. Do not worry if you are unable to do it by yourself. As of now, we have multiple products also available in the market that can help you keep these cables in place.

So, if you are one of those people who struggle with tangled wires or cables at your place, you are at the right place. Here, we will share a few cable management tips with you all. Then, you can utilize them all to keep the cables organized at home, office, and any other place.

All about Cable Management 

Manage extra cable length

Most of the cable mess is created because of the extra cable length, which is useless to us. We have multiple cables at our place which are quite long. Though, we know that long cables are helpful when the distance between the device, socket, or other device is more significant. But, when it is of no use, then they take up unnecessary space and get tangled, creating a mess. In this case, you can replace these long wires with short ones. For better cable management, take an electrician’s help to replace the wire. But make sure that it doesn’t affect the device’s working.

Utilize power strips

Power strips help a lot, not only when you require multiple sockets. But also in cable management by offering one space for all the power needs. It ensures that your cables are kept from every other corner of the room. To manage these cables properly, you can also use these power strips at hidden places with the help of a Velcro. It will also help in hiding the cables, and there will be no cable or wire mess in the room. It is quite helpful for office spaces where multiple devices are connected to one power strip.

Label your cables

When putting multiple cables in one power strip, we need help finding a particular cable. It often happens when we try to find our charging cable, PS4 or home theatre cable placed with multiple other cables. To avoid such situations and to save time, the best way is to label the cable near the plug. You can buy the labels from the market or create a few at home.

Use one master cable

To avoid a lot of cluttering, most people use this tip of cable management. It is now easy to find one master cable for multiple uses in the market. It minimizes using multiple cables at your home, so there will be less or no cable mess. Along with that, you need to carry only one cable with you while travelling also. As this master cable will serve most purposes.

The Bottom Line

With these cable management tips, you will only face a few problems managing cables at your home. So utilize them now, and keep your space free from any cable mess.

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