A Guide to Get a Healthy and Happy Feet

Our feet are always at work, taking a thousand steps every single day. We get it crammed in a pointy pump, pound in the pavement, and give it the last priority when it comes to taking care of it.

According to a survey done in 2014, it shows that around 8 to 10 people in America have experienced a problem with their foot. It is defined as every single issue from an ingrown toenail to foot pain. It also depends on how long the pain or foot problem lasts, the time can be impactful on a person’s health and quality of life.

In case, you have an ingrown toenail, you can get an ingrown toenail laser treatment done. If you have any issues like skin irritation or foot pain, you can avoid exercise. It is necessary to take care of your foot. Your feet are the only reason that you are able to walk around and do things.

The disability of walking in a few people also gets physical, psychological, and social afflictions because of a direct or indirect result of dysfunction in the foot. Foot health can be very critical. However, more than their appearance it is necessary that they function well.

Here is a list of ways to treat your feet in a pain free and right manner.

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Try and avoid the following habits:

  • Try to avoid tight shoes.
  • Do not share your shoe with others.
  • Don’t exchange the utensils used for pedicures with others.
  • Try to avoid nail paint on the discolored toenail. Let it breathe well naturally and treat it well with the underlying issues.
  • Try not to shave calluses.
  • Don’t try any DIY surgery on a nail with ingrowth.
  • Keep practicing the yoga posture where you place the leg up on the wall, try it after a hard work out or after you had a long day.
  • Pamper yourself with a foot massage or get a booking done for a reflexology session.
  • Roll a tennis ball using your foot.
  • Get rid of irritation by soaking your feet in vinegar.

Things you can do to treat your feet well.

  • Get a shoe that fits you well.
  • Keep your feet dirt free and dry.
  • Get rid of foot odor.
  • Keep your shoes and socks clean and wash them after every use.
  • Get a yearly check-up done with a podiatrist.
  • Use antifungal powder to dry your feet.
  • Get shoes that your feet can breathe in.

Even when you have no pain or any issue with the feet try and get your feet checked at least once a year to avoid problems later. If required get an ingrown toenail laser treatment for the feet.