5 Methods To Remove Fruit Juice Stains From Carpets

Fruit juice has a range of chemicals called “tannins” that are likely to stain whatever they come into contact with, including clothing and fingers. Even though juice stains can be a bright, obstinate, and sticky mess, they are treatable. There are several stain removal solutions that can be effectively used when you are trying to remove juice from the carpet. Treat the stain as soon as you can because it will be more difficult to remove the stain the longer the juice remains on the fibres. And also try to avoid some common carpet cleaning mistakes that ruine your carpet.

Ways to remove juice stains

Soak it up

The first thing you should do while the stain is still fresh is to soak up as much of the juice as you can to prevent it from sinking into the carpet fibres and padding. Lay a clean, dry towel (or use paper towels) carefully over the spill and gently press down. Replace the towel as it becomes saturated, and keep doing this until the juice from the carpet is no longer absorbed by your towels. If you don’t want to risk worsening the damage, you can always rely on the expert services of a reputed carpet cleaning company.

Lemon juice

Using lemon juice on your stain is another effective treatment. Despite being a juice, lemon juice helps to lighten the dark stains left behind by other liquids, and the citric acid in lemon juice is also useful in dissolving the stain. Pour a few drops of lemon juice over the stain, and wait for five minutes. Once the stain is removed, continue to dab the area with a clean, dry cloth. It’s important to properly cleanse the area when this treatment is finished.

Use dishwashing soap

Add 1 tablespoon liquid hand dishwashing soap to 2 cups of warm water and mix well. Using a pressing motion, rub the detergent into the carpet using a fresh, white sponge. After that, dab the region with a fresh paper towel to get rid of the extra liquid. Continue doing this until the stain disappears. Spray water on the area after the stain has been gone, then blot once more. As a final step, spray some more water, place a clean towel over it and hold it down with a heavy object.

White vinegar

White vinegar can be used to both remove stains and lighten them. Additionally, although having a strong scent by itself, it can aid in odour neutralization if your stain has one. Spray the juice stain with a mixture of one part white vinegar and three parts warm water. Use a dry towel to blot the affected area after allowing the mixture to sit for up to 15 minutes. Repeat this process as necessary to completely remove the stain. Rinse the area to clean up the remaining vinegar.

Hydrogen peroxide

Avoid using this product on dark coloured, wool, or silk carpets since hydrogen peroxide serves as a bleaching agent and could cause carpet discolouration. Do a spot test in a secluded area before using. Apply a solution of one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and two cups of warm water to the stain-affected region. Allow to sit for a few minutes, and then blot the stain with a dry cloth until it disappears. Finally, rinse with cold water.